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scientist holding a handful of microplastics


In our latest episode, we explore microplastics and its effect on our ocean and Great Lakes environment.

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NOAA Navigation Response Team vessel with Autonomous Surface Vehicle

Charting New Waters

Updating NOAA nautical charts with high tech tools, including new experimental ocean "robots"!

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MODIS Aqua satellite image of the Gulf of Mexico from October 23, 2011

Harmful Algal Bloom Forecasting

Is it possible to forecast a harmful algal bloom? Yes! Learn how in our latest episode.

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the starboard railing near the bow of the Titanic as photographed in 2004 by ROV Hercules deployed from the NOAA ship Ronald H. Brown. Credit: NOAA/Institute for Exploration/University of Rhode Island or NOAA—IFE/URI.

Remembering the Titanic

One hundred and four years ago this month, the RMS Titanic sank after striking an iceberg on her maiden voyage.

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Connect with ocean experts in our podcast series that explores questions about the ocean environment. Get ready to Dive Deeper!

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Ocean Shorts brings you the best of our Diving Deeper and Making Waves podcasts.

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