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coastal damage after Sandy, courtesy of U.S. Air Force A Portuguese Man o' War people at the beach image montage of algal bloom, dead zone animation, coral bleaching
a cracked wall
What is subsidence?

Subsidence is most often caused by the removal of water, oil, natural gas, or mineral resources out of the ground by pumping, fracking, or mining activities.

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Ocean Economy

Dive into our ocean economy in our latest podcast. We talk with NOAA economist Jeff Adkins to understand how we all benefit from our ocean economy.

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About NOS

We translate science, tools, and services into action to address threats to coastal areas such as climate change, population growth, port congestion, and contaminants in the environment—all working towards healthy coasts and healthy economies.

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hurricane tracker visualization showing 150 years of hurricane tracks in U.S.

Historical Hurricanes

Tools you can use: explore 150 years of hurricane tracks in the U.S. with this free online tool.

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Nicole Cabana

Meet Nicole Cabana

Meet NOAA Corps Lt. Cdr. Nicole Cabana, pilot & manager of the National Geodetic Survey Aeronautical Survey Program.

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