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microalgae collection devices Aug. 2014 satellite image of a Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Jacksonville port with the words 'PORTS' in foreground Image credit: south slough NERR
a dolphin
How much of the ocean have we explored?

To date, we have explored less than five percent of the ocean. Much remains to be learned from exploring the mysteries of the deep.

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Coast Guard Cutter Healy
Making Waves

This month, NOAA experts join the U.S. Coast Guard on a journey to the Arctic on the Coast Guard icebreaker Healy. Their mission: to simulate an oil spill. Listen to our interview.

Listen Arctic Shield 2014

About NOS

The National Ocean Service (NOS) translates science, tools and services into action, to address threats to coastal areas such as climate change, population growth, port congestion, and contaminants in the environment, all working towards healthy coasts and healthy economies.

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Miami coastline


Supporting healthy, resilient coastal communities.


Midway Atoll


Protecting the health, productivity, and diversity of our ocean.


NOAA Coast Survey vessel


Navigation, tides, currents, and geodesy.