From the Desk of the Acting Assistant Administrator

The nation's ocean and coastal agency: Supporting coastal communities, promoting a robust economy, and protecting coastal and marine ecosystems.


NOAA and partners announce tools to improve coastal resilience

Systems Approach to Geomorphic Engineering, or SAGE, is a new approach that integrates "green" natural and nature-based measures with "gray" structural ones at the landscape scale. The new SAGE website includes more than 100 examples of ongoing or completed projects that incorporate SAGE principles.

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Place-based Conservation Notes

Place-based conservation connects with communities in a unique way. That connection also fuels the nation's economy through activities like recreation and fishing.

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Visits to Remember

Place-based conservation really hit home for me last week when I had the opportunity to visit the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. I was in Florida to participate in the Reserve's State of the Coast meeting with federal, state, and local officials to discuss the latest coastal science and management issues.

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Washington Monument Height Recalculated

President's Day marked a special announcement for the National Geodetic Survey (NGS). On Monday, NGS announced the results of a height measurement study of the Washington Monument. Using new international measurement standards and technology not available in the past, NGS calculated the official architectural height of the Washington Monument to be 554 feet 71132 inches.

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NOS 2014 Annual Report

With 90 percent of the country's consumer goods coming through maritime ports and nearly 40 percent of society living in coastal shoreline counties, America is without a doubt a coastal nation. Given the country's ever-changing environmental, societal and economic challenges, our top priority is to make sure the National Ocean Service's (NOS) science, service, and stewardship efforts stay ahead of the storm to protect, respond, and recover life and property. 

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