From the Desk of the Assistant Administrator

The nation's ocean and coastal agency: Supporting coastal communities, promoting a robust economy, and protecting coastal and marine ecosystems.


Coastal Fast Facts

The Office for Coastal Management now offers "bite-sized" facts about coastal economics, demographics, weather, storms, ports, aquaculture, and marine debris.

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Recent NOS Publications

I'm really impressed by the recent publications that NOS program offices and their partners have contributed to or produced. I'd like to share a few examples.

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National African American History Month

In February, we commemorate National African American History Month throughout the month. This is a time when we celebrate the achievements of African Americans and recognize their central role in our nation's history.

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NOS 2016 Year in Review

I'd like to take a moment to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments across our programs in FY 2016. More than 40 examples of our success appear in the newly released Fiscal Year 2016 Year in Review. In this post, I preview a few of the activities you can read about in the report.

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Resilient Coral Reefs in a Changing Climate

The third and longest global coral bleaching event on record started in 2014 and continues to damage reefs around the globe. While it's true coral reef ecosystems have been knocked down, they have certainly not been knocked out. It is not too late to conserve coral reef ecosystems.

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Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap

This week, NOAA rolled out the final version Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap. This effort, co-led by NMFS and NOS, is significant because it marks NOAA's first presentation of a more holistic approach to the management of ocean noise impacts on our trust resources.

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Celebrating 100 Years of American Conservation

One hundred years ago today, President Woodrow Wilson signed into law an act creating the U.S. National Park Service. From Yellowstone and Yosemite to the Grand Canyon and the Everglades, our national parks are magnificent places where we gather with our family, friends and neighbors to experience our nation's most stunning land- and seascapes and create memories that we'll never forget. While many of us are familiar with the national treasures managed by the National Park Service, you might not know another vast system of parks exists. Only, they're underwater.

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Defining and Measuring Community Resilience

Every day, we are working to promote resilience in our coastal communities. However, defining and measuring the capacity of a community to be resilient is a challenge. A recent effort by the Office for Coastal Management, working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is helping with this challenge.

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