Professional Development

Teachers need accurate information and resources to integrate ocean, coastal, and climate science into local and state curricula. These resources provide a variety of lesson plans, background information, resource links, tutorials, archived professional development seminars, media galleries, and interactive tools that can be used in a variety of ways in grades 5-12. Many of the resources provided here were created in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association. Teachers can access resources in additional topics at the NSTA Learning Center site,

A coral reef featuring corals and fish
Professional Development
A sandy shoreline with a bridge in the distance
Professional Development
Tides and Currents
A canoe on the rocky shore of a national marine estuary
Professional Development
A misty landscape
Professional Development
Satellite image of a large hurricane
Professional Development
Oceans, Weather, and Climate
Multiple water spouts in the distance
Professional Development
Living in the Weather
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