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Ocean Technology:

Do we still need lighthouses?

What is a canal?

What is the Bloop?

What is a hydrophone?

What is a current survey?

What is a backscatter?

What are the Totten Beacons?

Where do I get real-time and forecast coastal conditions?

What is the highest point on Earth as measured from Earth's center?

What is GPS?

What is marine biogeography?

What is the Forchhammer's Principle?

What is seaspeak?

What is a NOAA tide table?

What is an ocean glider?

How does NOAA monitor water levels around the nation?

What is a geographic information system?

What is aquaculture?

What is an Operational Forecast System?

What is PORTS®?

What is an artificial reef?

What is dredging?

Why do mariners use port and starboard instead of left and right?

What is a fish ladder?

What is lidar?

What is the mariner's 1-2-3 rule?

What is the difference between an AUV and a ROV?

How do we forecast harmful algal blooms?

Where do I get NOAA tides and currents data?

What is Digital Coast?

How do I get NOAA nautical charts?

What is a historical map or chart?

What is the Storm QuickLook?

How can you tell the difference between an oil slick and an algal bloom?

What is lightering?

What is air gap?

What is VDatum?

What is Natural Resource Damage Assessment?

How do we monitor tides?

What is marine forensic science?

How is bathymetric data used?

What is bathymetry?

How is ocean observing data used?

How do we measure currents?

Did I find a lost underwater civilization?

What is remote sensing?

Who first charted the Gulf Stream?

What is IOOS?

What do the numbers mean on a nautical chart?

How long does it take to produce a nautical chart?

What is a nautical chart?

What's the difference between a nautical chart and a map?

What is a sonar?

What is hydrography?

What role does the Ocean Service play with our nation's aircraft and airports?

What is a benthic habitat map?