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icon high water levels and house on shore

NOAA Sea Level Rise Portal

Science-based tools allow people to make informed decisions given the sea level changes we are seeing now and predict in the future. Explore tools, services, and educational material available from NOAA and other federal agencies.

Tools and Services

damaged roadway from sea level rise associated flooding
a flooded car in Norfolk, Virginia
A still from the seal level rise takeaway video
map view of coastal South Carolina in the sea level rise viewer
a view of the Coastal Inundation Dashboard
water floods a street
coastal flooding in Alexandria, Virginia
coastal flooding mapper screenshot showing East Coast and part of Gulf of Mexico coastline
screenshot of coastal county snapshots page
a photo of sea level rise
a photo of Coastal Inundation Dashboard
map depicting relative sea level trends

Tools and Services: Other Federal Agencies

screenshot of NASA sea level change portal
screenshot of USACE Sea Level Change Curve Calculator
screenshot of USGS Survey Sea Level Rise 2017 Report
screenshot of  Coastal Change Hazards Portal tool
screenshot of Hazard Exposure Reporting and Analytics tool


sea level rise educational module
graphic representing climate-resilient game
workbook cover screenshot for Ocean Literacy
rising sea level in coastal cities
icon high water levels and house on shore
high tide on Embarcadero Waterfront in San Francisco, California
hurricane viewed from space
the Tybee Island Pier on Tybee Island, Georgia
aerial view of the northern Gulf of Mexico
high tide flooding in Miami