The Estuaries 101 - recommended for Grades 9-12

Curriculum features hands-on learning, experiments, field work and data explorations. It consists of four modules, Life Science, Earth Science & Physical Science each using estuaries as the context for developing content knowledge and skills relevant to that domain, and a Chesapeake Bay Module which integrates and deepens the focus on estuarine concepts in a local context.


Remote Sensing and Coral Reefs - recommended for
Grades 6-12

This curriculum provides background information, Power Point® presentations, and seven units designed to teach students about coral reefs, and the satellite technology scientists use to study and monitor these unique ecosystems. Units include:

The units are meant to be taught in sequence, but many of the activities may be taught on their own. The curriculum is correlated to the National Science Education Standards.


Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration - recommended for Grades 6-12

Bring the excitement of current ocean science discoveries to your students using this Ocean Exploration curriculum and NOAA's Ocean Explorer Web site ( Each lesson presents an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. Lessons are correlated to National Science Education Standards.

Curriculum themes progress from physical science through earth science to biological and environmental science. Themes include:



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