Living in the Weather

Lightining in New Mexico

What is weather? Is climate different from weather? It doesn’t matter where you live or where you travel, weather influences your daily life. These resources will engage you and your students in the exploration and prediction of atmospheric conditions responsible for weather patterns and climatic conditions and investigate how extreme weather impacts people and the environment.

Classroom Resources

weather forecast map
Predicting the Weather
Weather and Climate Basics
Weather and Climate Basics
satellite image of hurricane Katrinaicane
Weather, Climate, and People

These resources explain how meteorologists observe and predict the weather. To understand weather and climate, one needs to understand the atmospheric and oceanic conditions and the interrelatedness of weather and climate. All living things are affected by weather and climate. Severe weather impacts our health, food production, and safety. Our climate dictates what people need for survival and requires that we acknowledge and respect its forces.

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