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Explore our curated list of stories about promoting healthy and resilient coastal and marine ecosystems.

an aerial image of a harmful algal bloom event
A replica Native American camp offers a glimpse into life 6,000 years ago at New Hampshire’s Great Bay Reserve.
Kachemak Bay Research Reserve in Homer, Alaska.
A map of marine protected areas around the United States
an image of an esturaine
A thriving habitat of Staghorn corals.
an image of a NOAA Sentinel site
NOAA restoration project team assessing oiling of marshes in Barataria Bay, Lousiana. After an oil spill, NOAA conducts studies to identify the extent of damage, the best methods for restoring natural resources, and the type and amount of restoration required.
An infographic about building coastal resilience
An infographic on conserving our ocean and coasts
Apalachicola Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve