These hands-on projects will help you learn about different scientific subjects and important environmental issues.

Projects Recommended for All Grades

Activity Book: Discover Your Changing World With NOAA
Ten activities to introduce students to the essential principles of climate science. Follow this link to download the entire book or individual activities.

Fixing our Earth (pdf, 3.21Mb)
Get involved in a project to restore damaged natural resources.

Projects Recommended for Grades 3-5

Who Trashed the Ocean? (pdf, 2.82Mb)
Make a poster to inform people about why marine debris is bad and why we need to stop it.

Where Will the Polar Bears Go? (pdf, 7.15Mb)
Make a poster to explain how climate change is affecting polar bears, how it may affect humans, and what we can do about it.

Following the Ocean Unicorn (pdf, 7.44Mb)
Make a poster about narwhals, how they are being affected by climate change, how climate change may affect humans, and what we can do about it.


Projects Recommended for Grades 6-12

The Ocean Drugstore (pdf, 3.12Mb)
Make a poster to explain that we should protect animals that seem unimportant because they may provide new drugs for treating diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and cancer

Make Your Own Astrolabe (pdf,1.40Mb)
Make an astrolabe, and use it to estimate the height of a tree, building, or other vertical object.

Now That’s Complex! (pdf, 2.32Mb)
Make a Sierpinski triangle that shows how repeatedly dividing a fixed space produces an infinite series of increasingly smaller spaces.

Global Warming Wheel Card (pdf, 4Mb)
This simple tool from the Environmental Protection Agency provides information about global warming and actions individuals can take.

Download JPG formats of the Wheel Card:
Page1 (412Kb), Page2 (480Kb),Page3 (172Kb), Page4(168Kb)



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