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There's a lot going on at NOAA's National Ocean Service.

a collage of NOS imagery showing different activities and products during 2018
NOS Annual Report

Celebrate the outstanding accomplishments across National Ocean Service programs in Fiscal Year 2018. More than 40 examples of our success appear in the newly released Fiscal Year 2018 Year in Review.

coastal flooding in South Carolina
High Tide Bulletin

There are some factors that cause the tides to be higher than what is "normally" seen from day to day. This bulletin tells you when you may experience higher than normal high tides for the period of time between December 2018 and February 2019.

NOAA Corps Ensign Brianna Pacheco using the ship's Electronic Chart Display Information System to navigate the ship. ECDIS is a navigation app that includes electronic navigation charts and other tools.
How do we make nautical charts?

A nautical chart is a map of the sea. Just as a map helps us navigate on land, a nautical chart helps those traveling on the ocean get where they’re going safely and efficiently.

The Walt Disney Studio's inspired insignias, such as the U.S.  Coast & Geodetic Survey Eagle designed for one of NOAAs predecessor  agencies, raised the troops’ spirits.
A Sharp-Eyed Surveyor

NOAA has its own Disney icon, which, though not associated with a holiday, did much to lift the spirits of those who served in World War II.

This image from shows a rocky beach with crashing waves
2019 Tide Tables

NOAA 2019 tide tables are now available. NOAA tide predictions are used by both commercial and recreational mariners for safe navigation.

The Top 40

Looking for a recent story? Here are our latest 40 posts.

  1. NOS Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report
    7 Feb 2019
  2. Winter High Tide Bulletin
    6 Dec 2018
  3. Corals Week 2018
    3 Dec 2018
  4. How do we make nautical charts?
    26 Nov 2018
  5. 2018 Pacific Expeditions: Corals and Clean-Up
    14 Nov 2018
  6. NOAA 2019 Tide Tables are Available
    8 Nov 2018
  7. Nature’s Power to Heal and Teach
    7 Nov 2018
  8. Top Five: Weird Ocean Phenomena
    24 Oct 2018
  9. NOAA Expands Coastal Opportunities for People with Disabilities
    15 Oct 2018
  10. Hurricane Michael: NOAA Damage Assessment Aerial Imagery
    12 Oct 2018
  11. A Guide to Plastic in the Ocean
    20 Sep 2018
  12. Hurricane Florence: NOAA Damage Assessment Aerial Imagery
    18 Sep 2018
  13. High Tide Bulletin: Fall 2018
    7 Sep 2018
  14. Responding to Severe Weather Events
    18 Jun 2018
  15. World Hydrography Day Reddit "Ask Us Anything"
    7 Jun 2018
  16. Hope for Corals: Growing Species Resilience in Coral Nurseries
    7 Jun 2018
  17. NOAA report: U.S. Ocean Economic Sectors Growing Twice as Fast as Overall Economy
    3 Jun 2018
  18. Ten Common Words with Uncommon Meanings in Spill Response
    8 May 2018
  19. Travel and Tourism Week: Ocean Tourism and Recreation Spotlight
    7 May 2018
  20. New real-time data system helps Miami seaport safely bring in ships
    3 Apr 2018
  21. New NOAA Report Looks at National Coastal Flood Vulnerability
    19 Mar 2018
  22. Taking Data Further with Standards
    19 Mar 2018
  23. High Tide Bulletin: Spring 2018
    1 Mar 2018
  24. International Year of the Reef
    15 Feb 2018
  25. Celebrate Estuaries
    2 Feb 2018
  26. Sanctuary Ocean Count
    30 Jan 2018
  27. The Advent of the Modern-Day Shipping Container
    30 Jan 2018
  28. Common Phrases with a Nautical Origin
    24 Jan 2018
  29. Precision Navigation
    9 Jan 2018
  30. Celebrate the Valor and Value of Our Nation’s Birds
    5 Jan 2018
  31. Just for Kids: NOAA Resources
    21 Dec 2017
  32. Two Brothers Shipwreck Added to National Register of Historic Places
    18 Dec 2017
  33. Corals Week 2017
    4 Dec 2017
  34. High Tide Bulletin: Winter 2017
    1 Dec 2017
  35. Our Ocean Economy
    30 Nov 2017
  36. Ping Once, Use Many Times
    29 Nov 2017
  37. Meet Hideyo Hattori, NOAA liaison in American Samao
    27 Nov 2017
  38. Oysters and Celery Aren't Only for Holiday Stuffing!
    22 Nov 2017
  39. NOAA 2018 Tides Tables Available
    20 Nov 2017
  40. Sandy Five Years Later. What Have We Learned?
    30 Oct 2017
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NOS Career Profiles

Marine Biologist. Geodesist. Graphic Designer. These are just a few of the wide variety of jobs held by people who work for the National Ocean Service. Head over to our Career Profiles to meet some of our staff and get quick links to NOAA careers, volunteerism, and internships.

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