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What is Digital Coast?

NOAA's Digital Coast provides the data, tools, and training that communities use to manage their coastal resources.

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Data sets alone are not enough. For data to be truly useful, people often need assistance by way of relevant training and associated tools and information. The Digital Coast provides this complete package for the coastal management community.

People new to the Digital Coast often start with the topics section. Here users find topics of interest from climate adaptation to ocean planning, plus quick access to the Digital Coast data, tools, and training most relevant to a particular topic. The stories section represents another helpful starting point. These short write-ups showcase how communities use Digital Coast resources to address coastal management issues.

More experienced users usually go straight to the data or tools they need. The search functions of these pages help users quickly see what is available, and the landing pages provide information that is good to know before the download button is selected. New and experienced users tend to browse through the training section, because a wide array of learning products is housed here. These include quick reference guides, detailed reports, how-to products, online training, and training brought to the location of your choosing.

The Digital Coast's success is driven, in large part, by content contributions from many trusted sources and a laser-like focus on the coastal management community.

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Last updated: 01/18/24
Author: NOAA
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