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Tides and Currents:

What is the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC)?

What do windward and leeward mean?

How many high tides are there per day?

What is a gyre?

Are tides higher when the moon is directly overhead?

What is a meteotsunami?

What is a current survey?

What is a ghost forest?

Where is Earth’s Largest Waterfall?

What is high tide flooding?

What is a Rossby wave?

What are the Totten Beacons?

What is a tide gauge?

What is a catcher beach?

What is a King Tide?

Where do I get real-time and forecast coastal conditions?

What are the Roaring Forties?

What is the difference between local sea level and global sea level?

What are the doldrums?

What is a NOAA tide table?

How does NOAA monitor water levels around the nation?

What is a turbidity current?

Why does the ocean have waves?

What is an Operational Forecast System?

What is PORTS®?

What are the horse latitudes?

Why do we have spring tides in the fall?

What is the difference between storm surge and storm tide?

What is the difference between a nautical mile and a knot?

What is 'Old Sow'?

What is a perigean spring tide?

Where do I get NOAA tides and currents data?

Do the Great Lakes have tides?

How do we monitor tides?

What is an eddy?

Why is data on currents important?

What is the Loop Current?

What is a tidal wave?

How do we measure currents?

Why do we study tides?

How frequent are tides?

Who first charted the Gulf Stream?

What is the global ocean conveyor belt?

Is change important to estuaries?

What does an oceanographer do?

What is a rip current?

What is upwelling?

What is a tsunami?

What is a current?

How fast is the Gulf Stream?

Where can I get tide predictions?

What is a rogue wave?

Where is the highest tide?

What are tides?

What's the difference between a tide and a current?