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Ocean and Coastal Places:

What is a barrier island?

What are coquina and tabby?

What is a tide pool?

What is an archipelago?

What is a lagoon?

What is a ghost forest?

Where is Earth’s Largest Waterfall?

What are the Totten Beacons?

How does sea ice affect global climate?

What are beach advisories and beach closures?

What is the highest point on Earth as measured from Earth's center?

What is a living shoreline?

What is a pocosin?

What is the Great Loop?

What is a wetland?

What is an anchialine pool?

Where is Point Nemo?

How big is the Atlantic Ocean?

What is the Sargasso Sea?

How did the Pacific Ocean get its name?

Do the Great Lakes have tides?

What is a marine national monument?

What threats do seabirds face?

What ocean basin has the most corals?

Where is the largest estuary in the United States?

How do sanctuaries protect marine life?

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

What is the smallest ocean?

Where is the largest protected area in the National Marine Sanctuary system?

What is maritime heritage?

What was the first national marine sanctuary to be designated?

What is a national marine sanctuary?

What is the largest ocean basin on Earth?

Where are marine protected areas located?

What is a mangrove forest?

Is change important to estuaries?

What percentage of marine areas are protected?

What is coastal zone management?

Do volcanoes occur in the ocean?

Where is the highest tide?

What is a marine protected area?

What percentage of the American population lives near the coast?

What is the longest mountain range on earth?