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Ocean Economy:

Do we still need lighthouses?

What is a canal?

What is high tide flooding?

What are the trade winds?

How are satellites used to observe the ocean?

Why do scientists measure sea surface temperature?

What are beach advisories and beach closures?

What is an oil spill trajectory?

What is GPS?

What is the Great Loop?

How does NOAA help clean up oil and chemical spills?

What is HAZMAT?

How do natural disasters contribute to marine debris?

What is aquaculture?

What is nuisance flooding?

When Was the First Earth Day?

What is dredging?

What is shoreline armoring?

How do we forecast harmful algal blooms?

Does coral jewelry make a good gift?

What is the law of the sea?

What is ghostfishing?

What is air gap?

What is the EEZ?

Where is the largest estuary in the United States?

What is the significance of the NOAA logo?

How do sanctuaries protect marine life?

What is federal consistency?

What is maritime heritage?

What was the first national marine sanctuary to be designated?

What threats do coastal communities face?

What is resilience?

What is an environmental sensitivity index map?

What is a national marine sanctuary?

What is "smart growth"?

What is coastal zone management?

Why do Harmful Algal Blooms occur?

What is the biggest source of ocean pollution?

What percentage of the American population lives near the coast?

How important is the ocean to our economy?

What role does the ocean play in the weather?

How do coral reefs protect life and property?

How do coral reefs benefit the economy?