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2019 Year in Review

NOS by the Numbers



The number of sites within the nation’s only high-frequency radar network, operated by U.S. IOOS®.

OceanReports: A Planning Tool for All Ocean Industries

$320 billion

The amount of money ocean industries contribute to the U.S. economy.

Economic Effects of Marine Debris on Coastal Communities


The number of jobs that reducing marine debris to near zero could result in along Ohio’s Lake Erie shoreline.

Autonomous survey launch (RA-3). Red circles in top right of image identify newly installed radios and cameras for autonomous operation. Credit: Lt. (j.g.) Airlie Pickett.


The number of autonomous control systems integrated in two existing hydrographic survey launches assigned to NOAA Ship Rainier.

Mallows Bay - Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary


The number of World War 1-era ships, known as the “Ghost Fleet,” that the newly designated Mallows Bay - Potomac River National Marine Sanctuary will protect.

Llinas Students removing marine debris in Miami


The number in pounds of marine debris that participants in the Planet Stewards Education Project removed from beaches.

NOS Lan room


The potential cost savings of the pending NOAA General Services Administration contract to modernize National Ocean Service networks.

Training Inspires Alaska Officials to Advance Green Infrastructure


The number of coastal professionals across the U.S. that were trained in Office for Coastal Management’s instructor-led courses.

NOAA aerial imagery, before and after Hurricane Dorian: Key Biscayne, Florida, September, 2019.


The number of images the National Geodetic Survey captured to assess damage during Hurricane Dorian.

OR&R Reaches Natural Resource Damage Assessment Agreements in 2019

$28 million

The total amount of money that the Office of Response and Restoration reached in agreements requiring companies to restore natural resources damaged from pollution.

Screenshot from NOAA Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) showing vertical velocity changes identified from MYCS2.


The number of years of data that the National Geodetic Survey processed from over 3,000 worldwide permanent GPS reference stations to improve precise positional coordinates.

HOR&R’s Spatial Data Branch Provides the Foundation for OR&R Work


The number of times the Environmental Response Management Application — a mapping and data sharing tool — was used by environmental emergency responders.