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Discover Your World With NOAA

An activity book for educators and students

2017 Discover Your World With NOAA Activity Book

Click the graphic above to download a PDF of the entire Activity Book. To download individual activities, click on a graphic below

NOAA's Building Blocks
Boat Building Challenge
Make Your Own Astrolabe
Make Your Own Compass
Tied Up In Knots
Who's Blue Peter
The Water Writers
Nautical Chart Challenge
Build An Underwater Robot
Earth Origami
Make Your Own Volcano
Do You Have Twisted Vision?
Be A Shipwreck Detective
Weird Red and Gross
Follow That Hurricane
Build Your Own Weather Station
Be A Citizen Weather Reporter
Tornado In A Bottle
Rip Currents
Be A Tree Ring Detective
Your Own El Niño
Please Pass The Salt
Satellite Communications
Wooly Magma
Survey Mark Hunting
Fish Fetch
The Ocean Drugstore
Who Trashed The Ocean
It All Runs Downhill
Toxic! Or Is It?
Invasive Species Super Sleuth
Your Alien Dodecahedron
Endangered Species Origami
What Are The Impacts Of Shrinking Polar Ice Caps?
Following The Ocean Unicorn
Make An Edible Coral Reef
Now That's Complex
Fixing Our Earth