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Grades 3-5: Mystery

Nautical Charts Home

Open the Bottle | What Are the Mysterious Numbers? | What Kind of Map Shows Places on the Water? | What is a Nautical Chart? | Why does Cobalt Need a Nautical Chart? | Why Do Boats and Ships Wreck? | Can You Find a Shipwreck on a Nautical Chart? | Search for a Shipwreck | Yes! You Found a Shipwreck | Where Is the Gold Ring? | Make a Chart for Safe Boaters | Movies | Pictures | Sounds | Activities | Cool Words | Books and Links

Sea Floor Mapping Home

Mystery 1: Oh, No! Cobalt's boat overturned! | What Is a Nautical Chart? | Who Uses a Nautical Chart? | How Do We Map the Sea Floor? | How Did We Map the Sea Floor in the Past? | What Tools Do Surveyors Use to See the Sea Floor Today? | How Is Sonar Used to Map the Sea Floor? | What Is Side Scan Sonar? | What Do Sonar Echoes Look Like? | What Other Tools Do Scientists Use to Map the Sea Floor? | Make and Map Your Own Sea Floor! | Sounding Box Activity | Sunken Treasure

Grades 6 - 12: Tutorials

Welcome to Corals

Corals Roadmap | What are Corals? | Zooxanthellae… What's That? | How Do Stony Corals Grow? | How Do Coral Reefs Form? | Where Are Coral Reefs Found? | How Do Corals Reproduce? | Importance of Coral Reefs | Natural Threats to Coral Reefs | Anthropogenic Threats to Corals | Coral Diseases | Protecting Coral Reefs | References

Welcome to Currents

Currents Roadmap | Tidal Currents | Coastal Currents | Surface Ocean Currents | The Global Conveyor Belt | How are Currents Measured? | How Do Currents Affect Our Lives? | References

Welcome to Estuaries

Estuaries Roadmap | What is an Estuary? | Why are Estuaries Important? The Economy & Environment | Why are Estuaries Important? Ecosystem Services | Classifying Ecosystems - By Geology | Classifying Ecosystems - By Water Circulation | Estuarine Habitats | Adaptations to Life in the Estuary | Natural Disturbances to Estuaries | Human Disturbances to Estuaries | Monitoring Estuaries | The Future: Managing, Protecting, & Restoring Estuaries | References

Welcome to Tides and Water Levels

Tides Roadmap | What Are Tides? | What Causes Tides? | Gravity, Inertia, and Bulges | Changing Angles and Tides | The Frequency of Tides | Tidal Variations | Types and Causes of Tidal Cycles | What Else Affects Tides? | Monitoring the Tides | How are Tides Measured ? - Part I | How are Tides Measured? - Part II | References

Welcome to Nonpoint Source Pollution

Nonpoint Source Pollution Roadmap | A Brief History of Pollution | Point Source Pollution | Nonpoint Source Pollution | Urban & Suburban Areas | Agricultural Operations | Atmospheric Inputs | Forestry & Mining Operations | Marinas & Boating Activities | Pollutants from Nonpoint Sources:Nutrients, Suspended Sediments, Pesticides & Toxic Chemicals, Bacteria, Viruses, & Trash | Research, Monitoring, & Assessment | Controlling Nonpoint Source Pollution | What You Can Do | References

Welcome to Geodesy

Grades 6 - 12: Case Studies


Lesson Plans Library

Climate Change

Drought: Getting Thirsty? (pdf, 332Kb)

Climate Change: Is it Getting Hot in Here? (pdf, 344Kb)

Natural Hazards Assessment - Hurricanes: Do You Want to Risk It? (pdf, 212Kb)

Aerial Photography & Shoreline Mapping: Images of Hurricane Katrina (pdf, 344Kb)


Monitoring Coral Reefs: Who has the Data?

Monitoring Coral Reefs: Keeping Watch on Coral Reefs


What Causes Waves and Ocean Currents: Motion in the Ocean (pdf, 172Kb)

Coastal Currents and Navigation: Ready, Set, Drift! (pdf, 284Kb)

Ecosystem Science

Ecological Forecasting - Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone: The Dead Zone (pdf, 504Kb)

Ecological Forecasting - Sea Nettles in Chesapeake Bay: The Stinging Sea (pdf, 656Kb)


National Estuarine Research Reserves: Natural Laboratories (pdf, 268Kb)

Estuaries and Anthropology: For the Last 10,000 Years... (pdf, 180Kb)

Estuaries - Monitoring Living Resources: Eyes on the Estuaries (pdf, 276Kb)

Estuaries - The Physical Environment: Getting Physical with Estuaries (pdf, 468Kb)

Global Positioning

Introduction to Global Positioning / Geodesy: Meet Geodesy (pdf, 264Kb)

Introduction to Global Positioning System: I Know Where You Are (pdf, 180Kb)

Global Positioning and Plate Tectonic Movement: It's Not Your Fault (pdf, 624Kb)

Global Positioning and Seismic Events: All Shook Up (pdf, 524Kb)

Global Positioning and Surveying: How High Is That? (pdf, 576Kb)

Habitat Management/Monitoring

Smart Growth/Sustainable Development: Get Smart (pdf, 200Kb)

Human Dimensions of Coastal Management: "I'll Stay Here if it Kills Me!" (pdf, 236Kb)

Benthic Habitat Monitoring: Bottom Watching (pdf, 784Kb)

Shoreline Erosion: Who Moved the Beach? (pdf, 206Kb)

Benthic Habitat Monitoring: Bottom Watching (pdf, 784Kb)

Coastal Habitat Monitoring: Do You Have Change? (pdf, 580Kb)

Natural Hazards Assessment - Earthquakes: Are You Ready to Shake? (pdf, 140Kb)

National Marine Sanctuaries

USS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary: The Iron Cheesebox (pdf, 280Kb)

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary: Shipwreck Alley (pdf, 352Kb)


Introduction to Sonar: See that Sound? (pdf, 112Kb)

Nautical Charts and Marine Navigation: Plot Your Course (pdf, 268Kb)

Marine Navigation Using Real-Time Online Data: Do You Need a Map? (pdf, 360Kb)

Ocean Exploration

Ocean Exploration - DNA Sequencing: Molecular Explorations (pdf, 360Kb)

Exploring Explorations (pdf, 360Kb)

Origin and Structure of the Earth: Bang! You're Alive (pdf, 404Kb)


Nonpoint Source Pollution: Get to the Point (pdf, 688Kb)

Watersheds and Polluted Runoff: Where's the Point? (pdf, 352Kb)

Contaminants in the Environment: Dirty Mud, (pdf, 1.2Mb) download the Data File (zip, 5.6Mb)

Resource Protection / Restoration

Protecting Natural and Cultural Resources: No Fishing? (pdf, 276Kb)

Marine Protected Areas: Water Parks (pdf, 372Kb)

Marine Protected Artect Teas: Prohis! (pdf, 896Kb)

Repairing Damaged Resources: Fix It! (pdf, 240Kb)

Restoring Natural Resources - Aquatic Vegitation: SAV Me! (pdf, 132Kb)


What Causes Tides: Ups and Downs (pdf, 292Kb)

Effects of the Moon on the Organisms: The Moon Made Me Do It (pdf, 188Kb)


For Fun


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