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Nautical charts are frequently updated.

Make sure you check your nautical chart to see if you have the most up-to-date edition. The date and edition number should be printed in the bottom left corner of the chart.

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Figure depicting navigational hazards to ships
Large container ships use nautical charts to help them understand what is under the surface of the water. Can you see the shipwreck in the picture above?

Who Uses a Nautical Chart?

Anyone who uses a boat or a ship needs to know how deep the water is and what the land looks like underneath the water.

Boaters use charts to avoid running into dangerous objects underwater.

Ships bring us most of the things we buy in our stores. With all of this travel to other countries, we want to make sure that ships can safely cross the oceans!

Did you know?

National and international laws require certain ships to carry nautical charts.

It's NOAA’s job to make charts for millions of miles of water, called nautical miles, around the United States. This area is called the Exclusive Economic Zone.

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