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Did You Know?

A compass rose helps mariners find directions. The top of the compass rose points north.

Can you find north, south, east, and west using the compass roses on the nautical chart to the left?

compass rose

Can you find a shipwreck on a Nautical Chart?

nautical Chart Symbol of a shipwreck

Nautical charts have special symbols.
These symbols can be used to locate many objects, like a shipwreck!

scan over the image below! Roll Over and Click to Zoom

Where is the deepest part of the ocean?

The deepest spot on Earth is the Marianas Trench - 35,840 feet deep.
That is almost 7 miles deep!

What are all the numbers on the chart?

Nautical charts show water depth.
Numbers on the chart are called soundings.
Soundings tell you how deep the water is. 
If the water is 5 feet deep somewhere, there will be a number "5" on the chart.

Can you find the number 5 on the chart above?

Shallow water is colored  BLUE .  Deep water is  WHITE .

What is the deepest sounding you can find in a  BLUE  area?

How about in a  WHITE  area?

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