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Press Releases

Click on the links below to access press releases related to National Ocean Service activities.

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12/20/06 Mini-Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Show Research Value

12/18/06 NOAA Study Shows Nutrient Polluion Increasing Along Mid-Atlantic and New England Coasts

12/04/06 NOAA Awards University of Puerto Rico $450, 000 to Examine Science to Protect Deep Water Caribbean Coral Reefs

12/04/06 NOAA Awards More than $2.25 Million to Improve Understanding of "Dead Zone" Impacts on the Northern Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem


11/30/06 NOAA Tide Stations Upgraded to Better Detect Tsunamis

11/21/06 NOAA's Olmpic Coast National Marine Sanctuary Seeks New Advisory Council Members

11/15/06 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument Named One of New "Seven Wonders of the World"

11/3/06 NOAA Says Invasive Species Prevention and Control Focus Needed on Non-native Lionfish

11/2/06 U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Addresses Caribbean Coral Reef Management Challenges, Launches Planning for 2008 International Year of the Reef

11/1/06 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Marine Monument Trustees Partner in Marine Debris Removal


10/31/2006 Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council to Hold Public Meeting

10/30/2006 U.S. Commerce Deputy Secretary Announced $2.5 Million to University of Michigan to Develop Forecasting for Dead Zones in Lake Erie

10/30/2006 NOAA and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Award $3 Million for Coral Reef Conservaton Grants

10/19/06 Department of Commerce Presents NOAA Chart to Louisiana Port of Lake Charles

10/17/06 NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program Dedicates New Research Vessel Fulmar

10/11/06 New Coral Reef Management Guide Provides Strategies to Conserve World's Coral Reefs

10/11/06 NOAA Awards WHOI $7.5 Million over Five Years to Extend Harmful Algal Bloom Models & Forecasts to New Areas of the Gulf of Maine

10/11/06 NOAA Awards Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission $4.7 Million
over Five Years to Study the Role of Nutrients in State Red Tide Events

10/10/06 NOAA and U.S. Navy Develop First Pre-incident Survey

10/6/06 Draft Management Plans for Three California National Marine Sanctuaries Released for Public Comment

10/5/06 NOAA Adds Wind Component to Coral Bleaching Warning System

10/4/06 NOAA Implements Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast System for Texas Gulf Coast

10/3/06 William Corso Named Deputy Assistant Administrator of NOAA's Ocean Service



9/29/06 NOAA Reports Decreased Levels of Toxins in Mollusks

9/28/06 New Shipwreck Discovered During First Expedition to Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Since Marine Monument Designation

9/28/06 NOAA Team Assesses Marine Debris Impacts in Gulf Region

9/27/06 Research Expedition Reveals Details of Submerged Wreck of Historic Naval Airship USS Macon in NOAA Monterey Bay Sanctuary

9/25/06 Commerce's NOAA and Interior Department Release Draft Framework for Developing System of Marine Protected Areas; Public Comment Period Open for 145 Days

9/25/06 Sanctuary Advisory Council Applicants Requested for Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

9/25/06 NOAA, National Science Teachers Association Unveil Comprehensive Online Teaching Tool for Coral Reef Ecosystems

9/22/06 NOAA Awards More Than $1 Million for Community-based Marine Debris Projects

9/21/06 New Research Strategy Report Aims to Reduce Human Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms

9/14/06 NOAA Office of Coast Survey, National Marine Protected Areas Center Partner to Enhance Safe Navigation in Alaska Waters

9/7/06 Ocean Expedition Explores Submerge Wreck of Historic Naval Airship USS Macon in NOAA Monterey Bay Sanctuary

9/6/06 NOAA Experts to Conduct Whale Disentanglement Workshops in San Francisco and Santa Cruz Areas



8/9/06 NOAA Researchers Determine Important Indicator of Ecology Health



7/27/06 Invasive Lionfish Focus of NOAA Research Cruise

7/26/06 Container Ship Owners and Operators to Pay $3.25 Million in National Marine Sanctuary Settlement

7/25/06 NOAA Issues Bulletin on Introduction of Non-native Red Sea Bannerfish into Florida Waters

7/20/06 NOAA Forecasts Larger than Normal "Dead Zone" for Gulf this Summer

7/18/06 NOAA's Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Completes Move to New Key West Facility

7/18/06 NOAA Launches Debris Removal from Main Hawaiian Islands

7/17/06 NOAA Brings Shipwrecks, Marine Life Closer to Home Through New Marine Science Web Portal

7/17/06 Researchers to Broadcast Live from Site of Historic USS Monitor Wreck

7/14/06 NOAA, California State Parks Officials Praise Opening of New Coastal Discovery Center at San Simeon Bay

7/6/06 NOAA's New Great Lakes Weather Observation Platforms Provide More Data for Forecasters and Boaters



6/26/06  NOAA Scientists Discover Expanded Range of Deepwater Corals off Washington State Coast

6/22/06  Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Holds Public Hearings On Draft Management Plan

6/20/06  After Five Years of Protection, NOAA Marine Reserve Shows Increasing Numbers, Size of Fish

6/16/06  NOAA Celebrates 20 Years of Supporting Emergency Responders and Planners with CAMEO

6/8/06  Sweep the Reef, Sweep the Beach Clean Up Set for World Oceans Day



5/15/06  David Kennedy Named Director of NOAA Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management

5/11/06  NOAA Releases Report on Protecting, Understanding Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reefs

5/8/06  Barnum Named Director of NOAA Office of Coast Survey

5/5/06  NOAA, State of Texas, and University of Texas Announce New Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve

5/2/06  Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Announces New Advisory Council Members



4/11/06  NOAA Research Links Water Mold To Lesions, Ulcers In East Coast Estuarine Fish

4/10/06  Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council To Hold Meeting

4/10/06  NOAA Promoting Ocean Science Through School Milk Carton Campaign In St. Louis

4/03/06 NOAA Releases Science Study on Ecosystems in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary



3/23/06 NOAA Promotes International Collaboration with Australian Counterparts

3/20/06 NOAA Leads Research Mission of U.S. Virgin Islands’ Underwater Habitats

3/17/06 Final Environmental Impact Statement published in designation process for 27th national estuarine research reserve

3/14/06 Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Announces New Advisory Council Members

3/10/06 NOAA Introduces New Version of nowCoast Web Mapping Portal Displaying Real-time Coastal Information



2/28/06 NOAA Announces Winners in Competition to Design an Environmentally-Friendly Anchor

2/25/06 Volunteers Count Whales from the Shores of O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, the Big Island and Kaho‘olawe

2/24/06 NOAA Expands Coastal Storm Inland Flooding Prediction Tool

2/21/06 NOAA Awards Major Hydrographic Survey Contracts

2/10/06 NOAA Survey Shows Most Flower Garden Banks Coral Reefs Recovering from Bleaching Event

2/7/06 NOAA Administrator Announces 2007 Budget Request

2/7/06 NOAA budget request includes $230 million for Climate Program

2/7/06 NOAA budget request includes $904 million for Weather and Water Programs

2/7/06 NOAA budget request includes $170 million for Commerce and Transportation Program

2/7/06 NOAA budget request includes $1 billion for Ecosystems Program

2/6/06 New Members Join Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council

2/3/06 NOAA Announces Expanded Coral Warning System

2/2/06 Zilkoski Named National Geodetic Survey Director



1/30/06 NOAA Launches Coast Pilot Disaster Impact Web Site

1/27/06 New NOAA Exhibit Celebrates Nearly 200 Years of Science and Service

1/26/06 Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council to Hold Public Meeting

1/9/06 NOAA Names John H. Dunnigan Assistant Administrator For NOAA's National Ocean Service

1/5/06 Mariners Can Chart Courses at No Charge; NOAA Offers Free Navigational Charts on Web

1/4/06 NOAA Study Shows Value of Ports Program to Marine Transportation Industry; Tampa Bay System Is First to Quantify Economic Benefits



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