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Outreach: Office of Response and Restoration

Online Materials

Brownfields (pdf, 200 Kb) provides an overview of the cleanup efforts taking place at Brownfields, sites where industries were historically located along waterways.
For Students and Teachers (Web site) has links to a variety of sites specifically for kids, including basic information, activities, information for reports, and materials for instructors.

General Watershed Database and Mapping Projects (Web page) provides summary fact sheets that describe work by the Assessment and Restoration Division (ARD). All summaries are available in pdf format.

Guided Tours (Web site) provides tours of oil spill sites and hazardous waste sites.
Image Gallery (Web site) has both pictures and slide shows that demonstrate what happens when oil is released into the ocean, as well as how beaches recover after they are impacted.
Pribilof Islands Movies (Web site) document, through videos, the environmental cleanup work done as part of the Pribilof Islands restoration project.
Watersheds (pdf, 290 Kb) provides an overview of the watershed database, mapping projects, and decision-support tools.
OR&R State Summary fact sheets (Web page) provides access to twenty-six state summary fact sheets that highlight Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) activities particular to each state.
OR&R Download Catalog (Web page) provides access to fact sheets describing many of the tools used by the Office of Response and Restoration spill response scientists.

For more information or to obtain materials in hard copy form, contact:

Vicki Loe
Office of Response and Restoration
NOAA's National Ocean Service
7600 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, Washington 98155
ph: (206) 526-6464


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