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Coastal Futures 2025
July 1999 - April 2002

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The Coast 2025 Web site, part of NOAA's National Dialogues, was retired on April 29, 2002. The centerpiece of the Coast 2025 Web site was an Internet Town Meeting conducted between July 1999 and June 2000 to stimulate discussion of the public's vision of America's coasts in the year 2025.

Coast 2025 brought together many partners in the coastal community with interests in ports, recreation, fisheries, and energy and mineral development to focus on the most important coastal and oceanic issues facing the United States late in the 20th Century. The partners expressed their vision in terms of national goals and objectives. Their objective was to stimulate public discussion via the Internet on their visions for America's coast by the year 2025. Consensus--meaning the absence of disagreement--was not important to the partners as they discussed the future. Nevertheless, they found overwhelming agreement concerning goals and objectives for the future. The summary report of this Internet Town Meeting is available in PDF format. To access the report, click on its title below. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the report.

Summary Report: Town Meeting on America's Coastal Future, Using the Internet to Promote Coastal Stewardship (pdf, 1Mb)

For information about NOAA's Coastal Futures 2025 project, contact Alison Hammer.


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