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Did You Know?

Charts help us:

  • Know where we are
  • Know where we want to go
  • Know how to get there

Safety Seagull Says...

In a car you can see what is in front of you, but a ship captain cannot see what is under the water.

He/she needs a nautical chart or the ship might crash!

NOAA safety seagull


What Is a Nautical Chart?

How do we find places on land?

A chart

We use maps!

  • A map shows places on land.
  • A map helps people travel from place to place.

How do we find places and objects on water?

A chart

We use a nautical chart!

  • A nautical chart is a special map that shows what is under, in, on, and around water.
  • A nautical chart helps a ship travel safely on the water.


Cobalt is excited  

Charts help ships find which way to travel safely.

Chart symbols point out objects on the water, or near land.

Cobalt is confused  
  • We can paint lines on a road to show where the cars are supposed to go.
  • We cannot draw lines on the water.
  • We can tell a ship to stay within channel’s.
    but ship captains have to look at their nautical charts to see where those lines would be.

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