Management and Budget Office

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The day-to-day administrative operations of the National Ocean Service headquarters happen within the Management and Budget Office (MBO). In this role, MBO also provides support to the National Ocean Service Assistant Administrator and the organization’s program and staff offices.

MBO also establishes policies and procedures and provides advice, support, and guidance to National Ocean Service headquarters, program and staff offices, and field locations on issues related to planning, management, budget, legislation and policy, resources, internal and external communication, and outreach and education. MBO also offers data synthesis and assessment and advanced technical services such as web consulting, web analytics and kiosks for public areas to National Ocean Service and NOAA program and staff offices.

All of the services provided by MBO are designed to ultimately ensure more effective and efficient delivery of products and services to the coastal community. The office works to build internal capacity and partnerships to define problems and issues, identify information needs, assemble and synthesize relevant data, develop strategies, evaluate options, and develop products and results that contribute and support better coastal resource management decision making.
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