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The Message

The Message


The Nautical Chart

The Scroll


The USS Monitor shipwreck

USS monitor


...but where is the GOLD RING?

    Gold Ring

Safety Seagull Says...

There are many shipwrecks on the sea floor.
Nautical charts mark their location.

safety seagull

Yes! You Found a Shipwreck!

Cobalt is confused  

You found the USS Monitor Shipwreck, but
Where is the GOLD RING?

gold ring

Divers found many interesting objects on the USS Monitor.

Did You Know?

USS means United States Ship.
The USS Monitor was a US Navy ship.

US Navy and NOAA Divers worked together to bring "artifacts," or old objects found on the USS Monitor.

Divers used high-pressure dive systems to dive at deep depths.




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