Sunken Treasure Activity


Study the following images. Note specific features of each item.

Roll your mouse over the images and compare what you see. These are examples of multibeam and side scan sonar images that researchers use to identify shipwrecks and objects that are located on the sea floor.

Can you spot any specific features that help you identify the object?

detective seal image
  plane rollover crane_rollover

Unknown Wreck

Unknown Wreck





Lost on June 15, 1906 in 110 feet (deck at 70-75 feet) of water
Dimensions: 232 x 38 x 14 feet
Type: Steel propeller, bulk freight


Lost on September 6, 1914 in 66 - 82 feet of water
Dimensions: 236 x 36 x 14 feet
Type: Wooden propeller, package freight

  new_orleans_rollover pewabic_rollover

New Orleans

Lost on June 30, 1906 at a depth of 150-200 feet of water
Dimensions: 232 x 38 x 14 feet
Type: Wooden propeller, bulk freight


Lost on August 9, 1865 at a depth of 171 feet of water
Dimensions: 200.25 x 31 feet
Type: Wooden propeller, passenger and package freight


For more information on these shipwrecks, please see the URL below:

The NOAA safety seagull