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MapFinder Web Site
August 1997 - September 2004

NOTE: The National Ocean Service (NOS) MapFinder Web site has been retired and replaced by the Data Explorer Web site at Please update any links to MapFinder.

Mapfinder about the products

On September 2, 2004, NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS) retired its MapFinder Web site after seven years online. Launched in August 1997, MapFinder was a pioneering Web site, making NOS digital data sets, including map products, available to the general public. The initial MapFinder data covered coastal photography, coastal survey maps, nautical charts, environmental sensitivity index maps, hydrographic surveys, water-level stations, and geodetic control points. Most of these along with additional data sets are now available on a new Web site called Data Explorer, which is part of the National Ocean Service Web site. The descriptions of the data sets found on the MapFinder Web site are available in the document About the Products (pdf, 1.8 Mb).

MapFinder was a major outreach effort to serve public and private-sector coastal managers with a single Web site where they could access a variety of NOS products to assist in planning and management activities. The site went through several major enhancments as rapidly changing technologies made improvements possible.

For information about MapFinder, contact Robbie Wilson.


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