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Brandon Krumwiede: Great Lakes Geospatial Coordinator

Brandon Krumwiede

Brandon on family vacation in 2019, exploring the coast and enjoying the warmth of Puerto Rico.

Brandon Krumwiede: A Day in the Life Donut chart showing the typical work duties of Brandon Krumwiede, Environmental Chemist/Data Scientist. Building partnerships Pink chart segment spanning 30% of the whole: the percentage of time Brandon Krumwiede spends on building partnerships. Collecting and analyzing data Green chart segment spanning 40% of the whole: the percentage of time Brandon Krumwiede spends on collecting and analyzing data. Outreach and education Blue chart segment spanning 30% of the whole: the percentage of time Brandon Krumwiede spends on outreach and education. Daily Duties

Donut chart showing how Brandon Krumwiede, Great Lakes Geospatial Coordinator, spends his time.

Geographers study the Earth and the distribution of its land, features, and inhabitants. They also examine political or cultural structures, and study the physical and human geographic characteristics of regions ranging in scale from local to global.

Brandon grew up on a farm, and joined the Army to broaden his horizons. He has continually sought ways to keep learning throughout his career. Brandon got his B.A. in Geography in 2006 and went on to study water resources in Mongolia as a graduate student, monitoring glacial change with satellites. Brandon has also worked as a Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, procurement officer, collecting GIS data for multiple corporate and government entities. He even worked for the World Bank, studying infrastructure investments, like building a dam, from a geological perspective. Brandon’s work for NOAA's Office for Coastal Management as a geospatial coordinator is varied which keeps it interesting, he says. One day he might give a presentation on his work and the next he’s analyzing satellite or LIDAR data. For Brandon, finding the connections between people, the land, and the water is what makes his work valuable.

  • Name: Brandon Krumwiede
  • Location: Based in Duluth, Minnesota; Travels 35 percent of the time to work with partners, do field work.
  • Education: B.S. Geography, Bemidji State University; M.S. Geography, University of Montana

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