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Coral Reefs

NOAA is leading U.S. efforts to study and conserve these precious resources for future generations.

Hidden beneath the ocean waters, coral reefs teem with life. Coral reefs support more species than any other marine environment and rival rainforests in their biodiversity. Countless numbers of creatures rely on coral reefs for their survival. These important habitats are threatened by a range of human activities. Many of the world’s reefs have already been destroyed or severely damaged by an increasing array of threats, including pollution, unsustainable fishing practices, and global climate change. However, we can still protect and preserve our remaining reefs if we act now.

Resources and Education

Pink coral at Rose Atoll in National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa
A biologist uses a glue gun to reattach a piece of living coral broken loose when a boat went aground on the shallow coral reef
Coral Reef Information System
Coral reef climate change infographic
Coral bleaching infographic
A partially bleached branching Acropora colony at Coconut Point, American Samoa
Coral polyps with tentacles extended
a coral garden

Podcasts and Video

deep ocean coral
Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
Several scuba divers swim alongside a reef covered in Madracis corals and swarming with fish
bleached coral