Retired NOS Web Sites

This page is home to selected Web sites that are no longer supported or maintained as originally developed by NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS). Many elements of these sites are outdated or are no longer relevant to the purposes for which they were created. However, much of the content of these sites is still valuable. Rather than eliminating these sites entirely, essays and summary reports on a variety of coastal topics will continue to be made available. This list does not include all retired Web sites originally developed by NOS.

For some retired sites, content is made available here in PDF format. For other retired sites, Web access is still available. In a few cases, the administration, support, and maintenance of a Web site has been transferred to another organization. Bookmarks to retired sites will be re-directed automatically to pages where original content may be accessed. In some cases, audio and video components of the sites are no longer available. Contact information is provided for anyone with questions on a retired Web site. To view the material still available from a retired Web site, click a link below.

Pribilof Islands Historic Preservation website

Pribilof Islands Historic Preservation

The United States acquired the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, with the purchase of Russian America from Imperial Russia in 1867. Enterprising American businessmen rushed to the Pribilof Islands in 1868 to exploit the Alaska Territory ’s most valuable and most easily exploitable natural resource known at the time, the northern fur seal. In 1869, the government deployed the military and customs agents to protect the islands’ Native inhabitants and the fur-seal herds. Congress mandated the islands a “special reservation for Government purposes.” In 1870, the government determined to treat the islands as a business monopoly, a paradigm that continued for more than one hundred ten years. This site covered the historical and environmental events since 1867, and the effort to restore the island's natural resources. A portion of the Pribilof Islands site is available as a very large document (PDF, 1975 pages, 530 megabytes).

U.S. Estuarine Bathymetric Data Sets website

U.S. Estuarine Bathymetric Data Sets

The National Ocean Service's (NOS) Estuarine Bathymetry site distributed a digital raster compilation of NOS' hydrographic survey data for selected U.S. estuaries. This site was retired in 2017. More up-to-date content can be found here.

NOS Special Projects website

NOS Special Projects

This website was a portal to National Ocean Service's Special Projects Office, which was dissolved in 2013. NOS Special Projects provided information, assessments, and tools in support of the collaborative coastal stewardship mission of NOS and its partners.

NOAA Restoration Day website

NOAA Restoration Day

This website was created to showcase the annual NOAA Restoration Day event, which provides an opportunity for employees to put into action the NOAA mission they support in their office work, and to demonstrate their commitment to restoration and protection of the Bay and NOAA science.

ocean commission web site

NOAA: A Legacy of Cooperative Conservation

This Web site was created to support NOAA's role in the White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation, held in August of 2005. The site highlights NOAA's cooperative conservation activities through five case studies and also explains NOAA’s cooperative conservation efforts and presents news releases.

state of the coast thumbnail

State of the Coast - February 1998 - November 2001

This was a "report card" on the state of the nation's environment. The project produced 17 essays on a variety of coastal topics, three CD-ROMs, and a short video featuring former members and associates of the Stratton Commission.

national dialogues thumbnail

National Dialogues - May 1998 - November 2001

The National Dialogues brought together many partners in the coastal community with interests in ports, recreation, fisheries, and energy and mineral development to focus on the most important coastal and ocean issues facing the United States late in the 20th Century.

coastal futures 2025 thumbnail

Coastal Futures 2025 - July 1999 - April 2002

The centerpiece of the Coast 2025 Web site was an Internet Town Meeting conducted between July 1999 and June 2000. The purpose of the "meeting" was to stimulate discussion of the public's vision of America's coasts in the year 2025.

volunteer for the coast thumbnail

Volunteering for the Coast - September 1999 - August 2001

This was a site for people who wanted to volunteer their time to help make coastal areas better places to live.

sustainable seas expeditions thumbnail

Sustainable Seas Expeditions - April 1999 - March 2003

The Sustainable Seas Expeditions (SSE) was a five-year project of underwater exploration and discovery of the marine world with special emphasis on the national marine sanctuaries of the United States.

sustain healthy coasts homepage

Sustain Healthy Coasts - February 1999 - March 2004

The Sustain Healthy Coasts Web site was assembled to support a strategic goal in the 1995 NOAA Strategic Plan.

Ocean Exploration Panel Web site home page

Ocean Exploration Panel - August 2000 - April 2004

A panel of leading ocean explorers, scientists, and educators was convened in the summer of 2000 to recommend a national strategy for a new era of ocean exploration. This Web site followed the meetings and deliberations of this panel.

Mapfinder about the products

MapFinder - August 1997 - September 2004

MapFinder offered interactive tools that allowed users to locate National Ocean Service map products and other digital data related to physical ocean and coastal phenomena for any area in the United States and its territories. It provided immediate access to products that were available online.

Gulf of Maine Land-Based Pollution Sources Inventory

Gulf of Maine Land-Based Pollution Sources Inventory

(pdf, 333 pages, 3.4MB)
Contains information on the location, timing, and magnitude of point and nonpoint source discharges to the rivers, streams, lakes, and estuarine and coastal waters of the Gulf of Maine drainage area. This site offers point and upstream source pollutant estimates for a base period of 1991 and nonpoint source pollutant estimates for 1989-1995. Project data is available through NOAA's Coastal Geospatial Data Project website.

Gulf of Mexico Land-Based Pollution Sources Inventory

Gulf of Mexico Land-Based Pollution Sources Inventory

(pdf, 508 pages, 4.7MB)
Contains information on the location, timing, and magnitude of point and nonpoint source discharges to the rivers, streams, lakes, and estuarine and coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico drainage area. This site offers point and upstream source estimates for a base period of 1991 and nonpoint source estimates for 1989-1995.