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Ocean Videos

Videos about our ocean and coasts.

  1. American Blue Economy
  2. NOAA Celebrates 30 Years of PORTS®
  3. Ocean Worlds- Full Moon Watch Party (Ocean Today)
  4. Climate Alive! Wild Weather - Full Moon Watch Party (Ocean Today)
  5. Trash Talk - Full Moon Watch Party (Ocean Today)
  6. Get Into Your Sanctuary (Ocean Today)
  7. Beach and Bay Safe - Full Moon Watch Party (Ocean Today)
  8. Shipwrecks and Sanctuaries Every Full Moon Watch Party! (Ocean Today)
  9. Deep Ocean Exploration Full Moon Watch Party (Ocean Today)
  10. Deep Ocean Exploration Webinar (Ocean Today)
  11. 2020 Deeper Dive Webinar - Coral Comeback? (Ocean Today)
  12. 2019 Deep Dive Greatest Hits (Ocean Today)
  13. Changing Water Levels in the Great Lakes (Office for Coastal Management)
  14. No Shell Left Behind (Ocean Today)
  15. School of Fish (Ocean Today)
  16. 3D Ocean Farming (Ocean Today)
  17. Remote Control (Ocean Today)
  18. Innovations in Aquaculture (Ocean Today)
  19. Introduction to Ocean Farming Series (Ocean Today)
  20. Wave Safe: Entering the Water Safely (Ocean Today)
  21. Wave Safe: Protect Yourself to Save Others (Ocean Today)
  22. Wave Safe - Surviving Shorebreak (Ocean Today)
  23. Wave Safe - American Samoa (Ocean Today)
  24. Wave Safe - California (Ocean Today)
  25. Wave Safe - Pacific Northwest (Ocean Today)
  26. Wave Safe - East Coast (Ocean Today)
  27. Wave Safe Introduction (Ocean Today)
  28. Trash Counts (Ocean Today)
  29. Mysteries of the Mesopelagic (Ocean Today)
  30. Deep Sea Dive (Ocean Today)
  31. Stronger Than The Waves (Ocean Today)
  32. Hurricane Survival Guide (Ocean Today)
  33. Rip Currents: Protect Yourself to Save Others (Ocean Today)
  34. Introduction - The Remarkable Horseshoe Crab (Ocean Today)
  35. Blue Blood Battles Bacteria (Ocean Today)
  36. Why Count the Crabs? (Ocean Today)
  37. Meet Maggie: Career Spotlight (Ocean Today)
  38. When the Waves Swell (Ocean Today)
  39. Getting Ready For Hurricanes (Ocean Today)
  40. Surviving Storm Surge (Ocean Today)
  41. The Amazing Horseshoe Crab (Ocean Today)
  42. Coral Comeback? (Ocean Today)
  43. Rainforests of the Sea (Ocean Today)
  44. Tsunami Strike Japan - Tsunami Aftermath (Ocean Today)
  45. The Coral and the Algae (Ocean Today)
  46. Corals Under Threat (Ocean Today)
  47. What can we do? Coral Reefs (Ocean Today)
  48. Restoring Coral Reefs (Ocean Today)
  49. White Abalone Collection - First in 12 Years (Ocean Today)
  50. Adventures of a Maritime Archaeologist (Ocean Today)
  51. Sea Ice: Why is it Shrinking (Ocean Today)
  52. Measuring Ice: How It's Done (Ocean Today)
  53. NOAA/NASA IceBridge (Ocean Today)
  54. Field Report: Animals of the Ice (Ocean Today)
  55. Shrinking Ice: Impacts (Ocean Today)
  56. Animals of the Ice: Introduction (Ocean Today)
  57. Animals of the Ice (Ocean Today)
  58. Trash Talk (Ocean Today)
  59. Sea Turtle Rescue - Uncut Footage (Ocean Today)
  60. Melting Antarctic Sea Ice Threatens Minke Whales (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science)
  61. Estuaries: Nature's Water Filters (Digital Coast)
  62. What is ocean etiquette? (Ocean Fact)
  63. The Coral Reef Economy
  64. How do coral reefs benefit the economy?
  65. What is aquaculture?
  66. What is an estuary?
  67. What is sonar?
  68. What is a rip current?
  69. What is an invasive species?
  70. What is a wetland?
  71. What is a hurricane?
  72. Introduction - Ocean Exploration and Bioluminescence (Ocean Today)
  73. Light It Up Activity Demo (Ocean Today)
  74. Sanctuaries: The Underwater Museum (Ocean Today)
  75. Explore With Us (Ocean Today)
  76. Leave Only Bubbles (Ocean Today)
  77. Adventures of a Maritime Archaeologist (Ocean Today)
  78. What is Maritime Archaeology? (Ocean Today)
  79. Journey Through Time (Ocean Today)
  80. Ocean Time Capsules (Ocean Today)
  81. The Importance of Accurate Coastal Elevation and Shoreline Data (National Geodetic Survey)
  82. Best Practices for Minimizing Errors during GNSS Data Collection (National Geodetic Survey)
  83. Geospatial Infrastructure for Coastal Communities: Informing Adaptation to Sea Level Rise (National Geodetic Survey)
  84. Two Right Feet? U.S. Survey Feet vs. International Survey Feet (National Geodetic Survey)
  85. Precision and Accuracy in Geodetic Surveying (National Geodetic Survey)
  86. What's Next for Geodetic Datums? (National Geodetic Survey)
  87. What is the Status of Today's Geodetic Datums? (National Geodetic Survey)
  88. How Were Geodetic Datums Established? (National Geodetic Survey)
  89. What are Geodetic Datums? (National Geodetic Survey)
  90. Least Terns Find a New Home (News)
  91. Coral Spawning (Ocean Today)
  92. Ocean Safe with Bruckner Chase (Ocean Today)
  93. Horseshoe Crab Spawning - A Field Report (Ocean Today)
  94. Maritime Forests (Ocean Today)
  95. Mapping Goes Micro (Ocean Today)
  96. Rip Current Science (Ocean Today)
  97. Charting new waters (Podcast)
  98. Measuring water levels with microwaves (Podcast)
  99. What are mesophotic coral ecosystems? (Ocean Fact)
  100. What is an estuary? (Ocean Fact)
  101. Motion in the ocean (Podcast)
  102. Too Many Lionfish! (#ScienceAtSea)
  103. Stingray Encounter (#ScienceAtSea)
  104. The Autonomous Underwater Glider (#ScienceAtSea)
  105. Remotely Operated Vehicle Exploration (#ScienceAtSea)
  106. Ocean Gliders (#ScienceAtSea)
  107. Mapping the Seafloor (#ScienceAtSea)
  108. Water Cycle (Ocean Today)
  109. TRASH TALK: Webinar (Ocean Today)
  110. What can we do about marine debris? (Ocean Today)
  111. What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? (Ocean Today)
  112. Why is plastic marine debris so common? (Ocean Today)
  113. How does marine debris impact the ocean, animals, and me? (Ocean Today)
  114. Where does marine debris come from? (Ocean Today)
  115. What is marine debris? (Ocean Today)
  116. TRASH TALK: Special Feature (Ocean Today)
  117. Rip Current Safety For Kids (Ocean Today)
  118. Endangered Ocean: Smalltooth Sawfish (Ocean Today)
  119. Happening Now: Arctic Sea Ice - On the Decline (Ocean Today)
  120. Happening Now: Dead Zone in the Gulf (Ocean Today)
  121. Deep Ocean Creatures (Ocean Today)
  122. Bioluminescence (Ocean Today)
  123. El Niño and La Niña Explained (Ocean Today)
  124. Observing El Niño (Ocean Today)
  125. The Last Grand Challenge (Ocean Today)
  126. Bioluminescent Ocean (Ocean Today)
  127. Rip Current Survival Guide (Ocean Today)
  128. Break the Grip of the Rip (Ocean Today)
  129. Northern Elephant Seals (Ocean Today)
  130. Terrapin Release (Ocean Today)
  131. Protecting Coral Reefs (Ocean Today)
  132. Students Saving the Ocean (Ocean Today)
  133. Sylvia Earle TED Winner (Ocean Today)
  134. Weird Animals: Sea Cucumber (Ocean Today)
  135. Weird Animals: Painted Flutemouth Fish (Ocean Today)
  136. Weird Animals: Giant Moray Eel (Ocean Today)
  137. Weird Animals: Blackspotted Puffer Fish (Ocean Today)
  138. Weird Animals: Manta Ray (Ocean Today)
  139. Ocean as a Lab: Fish Farms (Ocean Today)
  140. Ocean as a Lab: Population Surveys (Ocean Today)
  141. Ocean as a Lab: Oil Spills (Ocean Today)
  142. Ocean as a Lab: Shark Finning (Ocean Today)
  143. Ocean as a Lab: Trouvadore Shipwreck (Ocean Today)
  144. Ocean as a Lab: Whale Tagging (Ocean Today)
  145. Ocean as a Lab: Line Islands Corals (Ocean Today)
  146. Ocean as a Lab: Mangrove Forests (Ocean Today)
  147. Ocean as a Lab: Ocean Acidification (Ocean Today)
  148. Students at Sea (Ocean Today)
  149. Whale Rescue (Ocean Today)
  150. Waterspouts (Ocean Today)
  151. The Wandering Seal (Ocean Today)
  152. Underwater Vents and Volcanoes (Ocean Today)
  153. Tracking Tsunamis (Ocean Today)
  154. The Deep Ocean (Ocean Today)
  155. Protecting Titanic (Ocean Today)
  156. Hurricane Storm Surge (Ocean Today)
  157. News of the Day - Southern Ocean Current Found (Ocean Today)
  158. News of the Day - Immortal Jellyfish (Ocean Today)
  159. Protecting Marine Life (Ocean Today)
  160. Protecting Marine Life (Ocean Today)
  161. Discovering the Ocean's Secrets (Ocean Today)
  162. Ocean as a Lab: ROV (Ocean Today)
  163. Creatures of the Deep: Sea Spider (Ocean Today)
  164. Creatures of the Deep: Chimaera (Ocean Today)
  165. Creatures of the Deep: Basket Star (Ocean Today)
  166. Creatures of the Deep: Angler Fish (Ocean Today)
  167. Creatures of the Deep: Bathysaurus (Ocean Today)
  168. First Sign of Climate Change (Ocean Today)
  169. Sea Otters, Kelp, and Humans (Ocean Today)
  170. Pacific Flyway (Ocean Today)
  171. Dune Grass Planting (Ocean Today)
  172. Adelie Penguins (Ocean Today)
  173. Tsunami Strike: Japan Part I: Destruction (Ocean Today)
  174. Tsunami Strike: Japan Part II: Propagation (Ocean Today)
  175. Tsunami Strike: Japan Part III: Warning Systems (Ocean Today)
  176. Coral Restoration (Ocean Today)
  177. Sounds Under the Surface (Ocean Today)
  178. Gentle Giants: Goliath Grouper (Ocean Today)
  179. Dolphin Anatomy (Ocean Today)
  180. Dolphins 101 (Ocean Today)
  181. Seal Anatomy (Ocean Today)
  182. Seal 101 (Ocean Today)
  183. Killer Whale Anatomy (Ocean Today)
  184. Bluefin Tuna (Ocean Today)
  185. Killer Whales 101 (Ocean Today)
  186. Exploring History (Ocean Today)
  187. Gray Whale Anatomy (Ocean Today)
  188. Underwater Forests (Ocean Today)
  189. Ocean Science Robots (Ocean Today)
  190. Marine Protected Areas (Ocean Today)
  191. Tsunami Awareness (Ocean Today)
  192. Turtle and the Tree (Ocean Today)
  193. Dance of the Dumbo Octopus (Ocean Today)
  194. Wetlands Restoration (Ocean Today)
  195. Manatee Anatomy (Ocean Today)
  196. Gray Whale 101 (Ocean Today)
  197. Sea Otter Anatomy (Ocean Today)
  198. The Acid Test (Ocean Today)
  199. Marine Mammal Rescue (Ocean Today)
  200. Adopt a Drifter (Ocean Today)
  201. Mission: Exploration (Ocean Today)
  202. Whale Call (Ocean Today)
  203. Open Rivers, Abundant Fish (Ocean Today)
  204. Saving a Bay -- Lavaca Bay Restoration (Ocean Today)
  205. Dolphins at the Doctor (Ocean Today)
  206. Sea Otters 101 (Ocean Today)
  207. Around the Americas (Ocean Today)
  208. Life at Sea (Ocean Today)
  209. Deep Ocean Corals (Ocean Today)
  210. Connecting Us to Nature (Ocean Today)
  211. Sustaining Communities (Ocean Today)
  212. How to Feed a Giant Octopus (Ocean Today)
  213. Fuel for the Storm (Ocean Today)
  214. Protecting the Marine Environment (Ocean Today)
  215. Happening Now: Arctic Sea Ice Sets Record Low (Ocean Today)
  216. Ocean Oases (Ocean Today)
  217. Watch Out For Spouts (Ocean Today)
  218. Whale Sense (Ocean Today)
  219. All You Can Eat (Ocean Today)
  220. Know Your Ocean (Ocean Today)
  221. Travel the Seas (Ocean Today)
  222. Animals of the Ice: Beluga Whales (Ocean Today)
  223. Animals of the Ice: Emperor Penguin (Ocean Today)
  224. Animals of the Ice: Antarctic Krill (Ocean Today)
  225. Animals of the Ice: Polar Bear (Ocean Today)
  226. Animals of the Ice: Walruses (Ocean Today)
  227. Our Debris Filling the Sea (Ocean Today)
  228. The Role of Ice in the Ocean: Pt. III: Shrinking Ice: Impacts (Ocean Today)
  229. The Role of Ice in the Ocean: Pt. II: How Do We Measure Ice? (Ocean Today)
  230. The Role of Ice in the Ocean: Pt. I: What is Sea Ice and Why Is It Shrinking? (Ocean Today)
  231. North America's Marine Protected Areas (Ocean Today)
  232. The Making of a Super Storm (Ocean Today)
  233. How do sea turtles hatch? (Ocean Fact)
  234. The Depths Below: Ring of Fire (Ocean Today)
  235. USS Monitor: The Ironclad Endures (Ocean Today)
  236. Happening Now: Arctic Sea Ice on the Decline 2013 (Ocean Today)
  237. Lessons from Valdez: 25 Years Later (Ocean Today)
  238. USS Monitor: Rediscovering the Ironclad (Ocean Today)
  239. Ethical Angler (Ocean Today)
  240. Endangered Ocean: North Atlantic Right Whales (Ocean Today)
  241. The Mesophotic Zone (Ocean Today)
  242. Predicting Harmful Algal Blooms (Ocean Today)
  243. Deep Argo (Ocean Today)
  244. Tsunami Science: 10 Years since Sumatra (Ocean Today)
  245. Ghost Ships off the Golden Gate (Ocean Today)