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What Careers Are Available?


Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services Engineering and Development Branch Chief Actively manage water level, meteorological, and oceanographic stations as well as current water meters Silver Spring, MD (and occasionally on a NOAA ship) M.S. in Structural Engineering; BEng. in Civil Engineering
Oceanographer Calculate annual tide and current predictions for the U.S. to help mariners safely and efficiently navigate our waters Silver Spring, MD B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies and Atmospheric Science
Management and Budget Office/Budget Execution Division Budget Analyst Manage the budget and spending for the NOS headquarters by working with leadership and stakeholders to identify priorities and execute funds Silver Spring, MD B.S. in Accounting
Management and Budget Office/Communications and Education Division Communications Specialist Plan, coordinate, and implement strategic communications and outreach efforts to key internal and external audiences for NOAA Program Office, conveying the accomplishments and impact for all program activities Silver Spring, MD B.A. in Government and Latin Studies
National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science Research Ecologist Design and conduct cutting-edge research to understand how coastal wetlands respond and adapt to rising sea levels and other environmental stressors, such as storms, droughts, and nutrient pollution Beaufort, NC Ph.D. in Oceanography; M.S. in Ecosystems Ecology; B.S. in Marine Biology
Environmental Scientist Provide expert guidance and science products to coastal managers focusing on sustainable aquaculture Charleston, SC M.S. in Environmental Science; B.S. in Chemistry
National Geodetic Survey Cartographer Analyze remote sensing data to contribute to map-making and to support NOAA’s Emergency Response aerial imagery program Silver Spring, MD M.A. in Geography; B.S. in Geography
Geodesist Measure and model Earth’s changing gravity field to establish an accurate height system for the nation Silver Spring, MD Ph.D. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering Sciences; B.S. in Physics
Management and Program Analyst Oversee budget planning; contribute to accurate performance measurement and milestone development; facilitate engaging meetings; and appropriately respond to inquiries from other agencies Silver Spring, MD M.S. in Public Policy, B.S. in Electrical Engineering
Office for Coastal Management Coastal Management Specialist Review annual grant awards and programs; approve performance measure submissions; and contribute to five-year management plan development Oakland, CA M.A. in International Environmental Policy; B.S. in Environmental Science
National Coral Reef Monitoring Program Coordinator Coordinate teams as they plan their projects, collect data, and share results with partners and the public Silver Spring, MD Ph.D. in Marine Biology and Fisheries; B.S. in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Senior Coastal Hazards Specialist Serve as a trainer and product developer specializing in effective risk communication and state-of-the-art nature-based strategies Charleston, SC B.S. in Geology
Senior Geospatial Analyst Create accurate economic and demographic data for coastal management decisions and effectively communicate data through maps, applications, technical assistance, and training Charleston, SC with frequent travel throughout the Pacific, Atlantic, and Caribbean Regions M.S. in Environmental Studies; B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies
Office of Coast Survey Navigation Response Team Surveyor Effectively and efficiently operate and maintain a 34-foot survey vessel; a mobile integrated multibeam and side-scan sonar mobile integrated survey team (MIST) kit for missions involving vessels of opportunity in disaster areas; two autonomous surface survey vessels; and one autonomous underwater survey vessel Hancock County,Mississippi M.S. in Hydrography; B.S. in Marine Science
Physical Scientist Efficiently plan hydrographic (seafloor mapping) projects for NOAA ships and contract partners Silver Spring, MD (and occasionally on a NOAA ship) M.S. in Geology; B.A. in Geology
Physical Scientist Create accurate maps of the ocean floor, which will serve as the basis for updating nautical charts and which will be used by field parties collecting data Seattle, Washington B.A. in Geography and Norwegian Language
Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Deputy Superintendent Manage facility, vessel, and diving operations and coordination with fishery management agencies Scituate, MA M.S. in Marine Science
Education Coordinator/IT Support Collaborate with NOAA partners to promote, develop, organize, execute, and evaluate ocean literacy and stewardship programs in schools throughout American Samoa American Samoa B.Ed in Elementary Education, Special Education
Graphics/Webmaster Create innovative posters, flyers, signs, murals, displays, outreach materials; retouch and archive photos; develop exciting web pages; edit videos; program kiosks Port Angeles, WA A.A. in Digital Design
Program Coordinator Coordinate a marine science and conservation education program, the Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans, which is tailored to raise awareness of ocean issues and motivate youth in traditionally underserved communities to pursue careers in marine science or resource protection Oxnard, California M.S.in Marine Resource Protection; B.S. in Physical Oceanography
Research Specialist - Geographic Information Systems Develop accurate maps, complete exciting research diving missions (as a part-time underwater photographer, videographer and film producer), and develop engaging websites Monterey, CA M.S. in Marine Science; B.A. in marine biology
Office of Response and Restoration Chemist Provide emergency chemical hazard assessments for the U.S. Coast Guard when there is an oil or chemical spill in the U.S. coastal zone or in large navigable waterways Seattle, Washington M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry, B.S. in Chemistry
Environmental Scientist Accurately assess damage from oil spills and hazardous waste sites by determining what animals and habitats have been affected by contaminant releases and what can be done to mitigate those effects Seattle, Washington M.S. in Environmental Engineering; B.S. in Math
Marine Debris Hurricane Response Coordinator Coordinate the dynamic long-term response activities for hurricanegenerated marine debris (Caribbean) by engaging partners and tracking the removal/disposal processes San Juan, Puerto Rico M.S. in Biological Oceanography; B.S. in Industrial Microbiology
Pacific Islands Regional Coordinator Investigate and develop strategies to prevent and mitigate adverse impacts of marine debris in the Pacific Islands Region; facilitate information-sharing between the regional and the national marine debris community and the national-level Marine Debris Program Hilo, Hawai'i M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science; B.A. in Marine Science
U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System Deputy Director Manage the office’s strategic planning and implementation, which includes budget execution and staffing, in coordination with regional and national partners Silver Spring, MD Ph.D. in Marine Science
Environmental Compliance Coordinator Ensure compliance with environmental regulation conducted under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and federal environmental statutes; explain to the public environmental laws, environmental history, and the importance of understanding NEPA and other environmental federal/state laws that were established to preserve the natural environment. Silver Spring, MD M.S. in Law with a specialty in Environmental Law; B.S. in Environmental Management
U.S. Animal Telemetry Network Coordinator Oversee the Animal Telemetry Network program, including collaborating effectively with regional associations; efficiently managing program funds; collaborating and networking in the telemetry community; and managing the ATN Data Assembly Center, where different sources of telemetry data are aggregated and made available to the public Silver Spring, MD (and occasionally on a NOAA ship) M.S. in Ocean Engineering; B.S. in Electrical Engineering

*The information above is based on current NOAA-NOS employee experience and does not supersede position requirements on USAJOBS.