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Isabel Gaoteote Halatuituia: Education Coordinator/IT Support

Isabel Gaoteote Halatuituia

Isabel Gaoteote Halatuituia, education coordinator and IT support professional. Credit: Iosefa Siatu'u

Isabel Gaoteote Halatuituia: A Day in the Life Donut chart showing the typical work duties of Isabel Gaoteote Halatuituia, Education Coordinator/IT Support. Educational tasks Pink chart segment spanning 65% of the whole: the percentage of time performing Educational tasks Information Technology support Green chart segment spanning 35% of the whole: the percentage of time with Information Technology support Daily Duties

Donut chart showing how Isabel Gaoteote Halatuituia, Education Coordinator/IT Support, spends her time.

Isabel works with NOAA partners to promote, develop, organize, execute, and evaluate ocean literacy and stewardship programs in schools throughout American Samoa.

As an Education Coordinator for the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, Isabel gets to do what she loves every day. She works with the American Samoa Department of Education, various environmental agencies, private schools, and a wide range of other partners to create engaging and informative educational programs for 39 of the 40 public schools in American Samoa.

Isabel has lived in American Samoa since she was three years old, and has a deep connection to its land and people. She is driven by “the island way of life,” which she says means “respecting our people, land, and culture. My family inspired me to serve my community and lead by example. Helping our community runs through my veins, and it’s something I love doing.”

Isabel fosters a “growth mindset” by encouraging students to use their problem-solving skills and to respond positively to setbacks, while also engaging students with fun ocean literacy lessons and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics activities.

“I encourage the younger generation to be bold and creative and use their problem-solving skills to pursue NOAA-related fields,” she says. “I envision that the next generation will not only be great stewards of the environment, but lead innovators to find solutions to mitigate climate change.”

  • Name: Isabel Gaoteote Halatuituia
  • Location: American Samoa
  • Education: B.Ed in Elementary Education, Special Education: University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • National Ocean Service Office: Office of National Marine Sanctuaries/National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa

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