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Senior Geospatial Analyst: Gabe Sataloff

Gabe Sataloff

Gabe Sataloff, senior geospatial analyst.

Gabe Sataloff: A Day in the Life Donut chart showing the typical work duties of Gabe Sataloff Data production/data management Pink chart segment spanning 50% of the whole: the percentage of time Gabe Sataloff spends on Data production/data management. supporting underwater sound management activities within national marine sanctuaries and NOAA Green chart segment spanning 25% of the whole: the percentage of time Gabe Sataloff spends on Communicating data to internal and external partners coordinating underwater sound research at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Blue chart segment spanning 25% of the whole: the percentage of time Gabe Sataloff spends on Integrating data into web applications Daily Duties

Donut chart showing how Yaritza Rivera-Torres, NOAA Marine Debris Hurricane Response Coordinator, spends her time.

Gabe collects, analyzes, and communicates economic and demographic data for use in making coastal management decisions.

Around NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management (OCM), Gabe Sataloff is known as “the data guy.” As a Senior Geospatial Analyst working for OCM’s socioeconomics team, he collects and analyzes economic and demographic data through maps, web applications, hands-on technical assistance, and training courses. This information is used to make important coastal management decisions.

Gabe discovered that he wanted to pursue a career in geospatial analysis while attending graduate school. “I became enamored with the use and application of GIS [Geographic Information Systems] to work with and communicate data to solve problems,” he says.

And Gabe has certainly had the opportunity to help solve problems. In 2010, he provided geospatial support for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response. Gabe recalls, “Amidst the chaos of a major environmental disaster, I had the opportunity to work with people from across NOAA, as well as with other agencies. It was extremely rewarding to know that I was able to be involved in such a large effort with so many smart, dedicated people.”

Gabe also enjoys the training aspects of his job. “We work with a lot of partners who are trying to understand what jobs are most vulnerable in their communities as they plan for coastal hazards. It is really great to hear their stories, help give them some basic understanding of economic data and terminology, and work through how to integrate economic information into their decision making process.”

  • Name: Gabe Sataloff
  • Location: Charleston, South Carolina
  • Education: B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies (St. Lawrence University); M.S. In Environmental Studies (College of Charleston)
  • National Ocean Service Program Office: Office for Coastal Management

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