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oyster farm

Oyster Aquaculture Could Improve Potomac River

Oyster aquaculture in the Potomac River estuary could result in significant improvements to water quality, according to a new NOAA and U.S. Geological Survey study published in the journal Aquatic Geochemistry...

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an old drift bottle

Bottle Cast from Ship in 1959 Discovered on Martha's Vineyard

You never know what you might find on a beach. Just ask Keith Moreis. During a winter stroll along the shores of Martha's Vineyard, Mr. Moreis found a bottle cast adrift 54 years ago. But who cast the bottle into the ocean?

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tidal creek in Charleston, S.C.

Changes in Climate Could Make Pesticides More Toxic

Changes in climate may influence pesticide toxicity in the coastal zone, according to a recent study by NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. Pesticides enter our estuarine waters by runoff from land following...

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beach in Cape Cod, Mass.

Balancing Offshore Energy, Recreation, and Tourism

NOAA serves up data to help understand the pros and cons of wind farm projects. Tourism and recreation are major contributors to the local economy for many U.S. coastal areas. The development of offshore facilities...

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