Podcasts: October 2010

podcast icon Making Waves: Aquarius 2010

Episode 62 | 10.28.10

Making Waves

This week, we take an audio journey to NOAA's Aquarius Reef Base—the world's only undersea research lab. We talk with the director of the Aquarius to learn about some of the tech, science and logistics that make this one-of-a-kind underwater lab possible. Then we speak with the National Educational Coordinator from NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Office to hear about Aquarius 2010, a 10-day research mission that just wrapped up on Aquarius Reef Base that doubled as a powerful educational outreach event.

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podcast icon Making Waves: NOS News Update

Episode 61 | 10.14.10

Making Waves

We have three stories for you this week. First, we take a look at NOAA's Historical Hurricane Tracks, a website that lets anyone track and map historical tropical cyclone activity from 1851-2009. Then, we head to Canada where Office of Coast Survey officials met with other nations that share an Arctic boundary to form a new commission focused on creating better nautical charts for the region. Finally, we head out into the Pacific to point out some new ocean observing tools now available in Hawaii.

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podcast iconDiving Deeper: Remote Sensing

Episode 27 | 10.07.10

Diving Deeper: Remote Sensing

Learn about how we collect and use remotely sensed data in this interview with Chris Parrish from NOAA's National Geodetic Survey. (21:28 minutes)

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