Podcasts: October 2009

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 38: Educational Games — Oct. 28, 2009

Join us for a talk with one of the key people behind WaterLife: Where the River Meets the Sea, NOAA's first major venture into the world of educational gaming. WaterLife is a 'serious game,' an increasingly popular genre aimed at meeting the needs of digital natives—children who have grown up surrounded by computers, mobile phones, and other digital technology.

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 37: World Maritime Day — Oct. 16, 2009

In recognition of World Maritime Day, celebrated in the U.S. on Oct. 16, we're joined by the director of NOAA's Coast Survey to talk about nautical charts and the maritime transportation system. Want to know what nautical charts have to do with Thomas Jefferson, mine sweepers, and the stuff you buy in a big box store? Just how big are some of the ships plying our waterways these days? What effect might rising sea levels have on the future of shipping? Find out in this special edition of Making Waves.

podcast iconDiving Deeper: Harmful Algal Blooms —October 7, 2009

Learn about harmful algal blooms in this interview with Allison Sill from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. The discussion highlights what harmful algal blooms are, where they can occur, and what you can do to help. (12:41 minutes)