Podcasts: May 2011

Making Waves

In this episode:

Collecting Ocean Data with Marine Mammals. Scientists are enlisting marine mammals with electronic tags to collect critical ocean data from around the nation. NOAA's Integrated Ocean Observing System is working to standardize various tagging programs so researchers can better tap into this data stream.

New Smartphone App Targets Marine Debris. With bottles, cans, abandoned or lost fishing gear, and other marine debris washing up on our shores each year, the University of Georgia and NOAA have teamed up to create a new, innovative cell phone reporting mechanism to combat the marine debris problem.

NOS Photo Contest. World Ocean Day is June 8. Help us celebrate the beauty, mystery, and importance of the ocean by submitting your best ocean photos!

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Making Waves

Do you remember filling out a 2010 census form from the U.S. Census Bureau? In this episode, we tell you about the '2010 centroid of the U.S. population'—a very interesting piece of information gleaned from census data that tells us a lot about how our nation's population has changed over time.

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