Podcasts: June 2011

Making Waves

In this episode:

Major Flooding on the Mississippi River Predicted to Cause Largest Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Ever Recorded. The Gulf of Mexico's hypoxic zone is predicted to be the largest ever recorded due to extreme flooding of the Mississippi River this spring, according to an annual forecast by a team of NOAA-supported scientists from the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, Louisiana State University and the University of Michigan.

Study Sheds Light On Red Tide Toxin. NOAA-supported researchers at Texas A&M University have determined why red tide algae in the Gulf of Mexico make toxin, a development that could prove beneficial to both human and marine life.

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podcast iconMaking Waves: World Ocean Day 2011

Episode 76 | 6.08.11

Making Waves World Ocean Day video

It's World Ocean Day! In this episode, we celebrate with a special video from NOAA's Ocean Today and preview a gallery of photos sent in by NOS Facebook fans and Twitter followers. (2:30 minutes)

Diving Deeper Shorts

Today on Diving Deeper Shorts, we revisit our interview on marine protected areas from February 2009 with Joe Uravitch from the National Marine Protected Areas Center. (3:21 minutes)

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