Podcasts: July 2009

podcast iconDiving Deeper: Land Cover Data — July 29, 2009

Learn about land cover data in this interview with Nate Herold from the Office for Coastal Management. The discussion highlights the difference between land cover and land use, how land cover data is collected, and some of the many applications of land cover data. (14:58 minutes)

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 31: Ocean for Life— July 22, 2009

From July 15th through August 9th, sixty students from Western, Middle Eastern, and North African countries are participating in Ocean for Life, a new program that aims to teach students from around the world about research, conservation, and stewardship to address issues facing ocean health. We talk with the NOAA program manager for Ocean for Life to learn more.

podcast iconDiving Deeper: Hydrography — July 15, 2009

Learn about hydrography in this interview with Jerry Mills from the Office of Coast Survey. The discussion highlights why hydrography is important, the tools used to collect hydrographic data, and how it is used. (16:06 minutes)

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 30: Preparing for the Arctic Future; NGS Positioning Activities Worth Billions — July 8, 2009

Preparing for the Arctic Future

Within the next two decades, the Arctic Ocean is expected to be free of ice in the summer. That means lots of ship traffic, and lots of ship traffic means the potential for lots of accidents and oil spills.

Positioning Activities Worth $2.4 Billion Annually

A new study shows that the economic value of services provided by NOS’s National Geodetic Service is in the range of billions of dollars.

podcast iconDiving Deeper: Dead Zone — July 01, 2009

Learn about dead zones in this interview with Dr. Rob Magnien from the Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research. The discussion highlights what a dead zone is, where it exists, and what we can do to help. (11:42 minutes)