Podcasts: January 2009

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 14 — Jan. 30, 2009

A new report looks at effects of and solutions for sea-level rise on coastal areas. And the first reported invasive lionfish is captured in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. (8:20 minutes)

podcast iconDiving Deeper: Eutrophication — Jan. 26, 2009

Learn more about eutrophication, also known as nutrient pollution, in this interview with Dr. Suzanne Bricker. The discussion covers more about eutrophication including where it can occur, the impacts, and the national report on this condition for the U.S. (18 minutes)

Making Waves Episode 13 — Jan. 23, 2009

podcast icon

This week, we preview a new NOS podcast premiering on Jan. 26. It's called Diving Deeper. The new audio podcast will be coming out once every two weeks, and will feature interviews with NOS scientists and experts. We think you're going to like it. (4:30 minutes)

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 12 — Jan. 16, 2009

The new director of the National Geodetic Survey makes history. We'll tell you how. And we'll take a few minutes to chat about some new features about this Web site on this week's Making Waves. (6 minutes)