Podcasts: February 2009

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 18 — Feb. 27, 2009

An early 20th century shipwreck located in a NOAA National Marine Sanctuary is added to the National Register of Historic Places. And the National Geodetic Survey celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Continuously Operating Reference Station program. (6:30 minutes)

podcast iconDiving Deeper: Marine Debris — Feb. 23, 2009

Learn more about marine debris in this interview with Megan Forbes of the NOAA Marine Debris Program. The discussion covers more about marine debris including the impacts and what you can do to help. (16 minutes)

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 17 — Feb. 20, 2009

This week, we talk about NOAA’s role in the recent U.S. Airways airplane crash on the Hudson River near Manhattan. We then head west to learn why experts from NOAA, California, Oregon, and Washington State met last week to talk about harmful algal blooms, more commonly known as 'red tides.' (7:00 minutes)

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 16 — Feb. 13, 2009

In this special edition of Making Waves, we're focusing on antibiotic resistance in the marine environment and potential new cures from the sea. We'll hear about three new studies presented at a NOAA-sponsored symposium at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. (8:30 minutes)

podcast iconDiving Deeper: Marine Protected Areas — Feb. 9, 2009

Learn about marine protected areas in this interview with Joe Uravitch, Director of the National MPA Center. The discussion covers what marine protected areas are, where they are located, and why they are important. (12 minutes)

podcast iconMaking Waves Episode 15 — Feb. 6, 2009

Users of Google Earth can now explore the depths of the ocean and discover NOAA information and images along their journey. And using ocean observations from satellites to predict the outbreak of cholera. (6 minutes)