Podcasts: February 2012

podcast iconMaking Waves: Ocean Today Edition

Episode 92 | 02.23.12

Making Waves Ocean Today video

Join us as we kick off a new occasional series to highlight some of the great videos available on NOAA's Ocean Today website. In this episode, we showcase a fantastic video about exploring the deep ocean. (3:10 minutes)

Diving Deeper

High frequency radar systems bounce signals off the water to measure surface current speed and direction in near real time. By knowing what surface currents are doing, scientists can better predict how things in the water will move. Today's Diving Deeper explores this technology further and the many benefits from this data.

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Making Waves

Join us for a talk with two NOAA experts about a multi-year effort to restore the environment in the aftermath of a spill that dumped 53,000 gallons of oil into San Francisco Bay. While we're focusing on this one spill, you'll get a good idea of how we deal as a nation with big spills wherever and whenever they occur along our coasts. Guests for this episode include Greg Baker, regional resource coordinator with NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration, and Natalie Cosentino-Manning, restoration program manager for the Southwest region of the U.S. with NOAA's Fisheries Restoration Center.

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