NRAP Overview

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Purpose: NRAP provides NOAA employees 3-6 month developmental opportunities to gain knowledge, broaden skills, and enhance professional growth.

Assignment Criteria: NRAP rotational assignments may be in any occupational category (e.g., administrative, analytical, IT, scientific, etc.) and at any suggested or preferred level, or range, of responsibility (e.g., Pay Band 4, GS-11 etc.).

Submit Assignment Process: NOAA Line and Staff Offices submit rotational assignments that have been approved by their management. An NRAP assignment typically lasts 3-6 months, and may not exceed 12 months.

Applicant Eligibility: NRAP is open to all NOAA full-time, permanent federal employees including general schedule, pay band, wage grade and wage marine pay plans. Employees must have received a "meets or exceeds expectations" rating (or equivalent) during their last performance review. Employees must be aware that some assignments will require relocating temporarily.

Apply to Assignment(s) Process: Applicants apply for up to 3 assignments submitted by any NOAA Line or Corporate Office, using the Apply to an NRAP Assignment online tool. Wage Grade Mariners may apply only to Assignments within OMAO. The applicant, and their supervisor, will receive email confirmation that the application was received. At that time, the supervisor's approval will be required for the application to be considered. If an applicant applies to an assignment that is not within his or her level of responsibility (e.g., ZA-3, GS-9), an explanation of how the assignment will meet his or her learning needs should be included in the application.

Selection Process: The NRAP selection process follows merit principles. All applicants and host supervisors are notified as to whether or not a match is made. Note: Details on the selection process will be distributed to host supervisors during the assignment-applicant matching process.

Joint Responsibilities: The host office supervisor, the home office supervisor, and the participant reach consensus on the assignment's length and its start and end dates. An NRAP assignment may be extended if, at the end of an assignment, the home and host office supervisors, and the participant, agree to extend the time. However, an NRAP assignment may not exceed 12 months, including any extensions.

Host Office Supervisor Responsibilities: The host office must work with the participant to ensure a worthwhile experience, and is responsible for any travel and lodging expenses related to the assignment. The host office supervisor also evaluates the participant's performance.

Home Office Supervisor Responsibilities: The participant's home office supervisor must ensure coverage of the employee's position while the participant is on assignment. The home office continues to be responsible for the participant's time and attendance, for paying salary, and conducting performance reviews.

Participant Responsibilities: The participant must complete the assignment as agreed-upon, unless unusual circumstances arise.

Questions: Check the NRAP FAQ collection; and if you don't find your answer there, please contact your Line/Staff Office NRAP Coordinator.