NRAP Forms Collection

Productivity Transfer Worksheet (.docx, 16KB)
Applicants and their Home Supervisors may use this worksheet to identify how the Applicant's duties will be covered while he or she is on a NRAP assignment.

Program Guide (.docx, 37KB)
This overview explains NRAP and the roles and expectations for Participants, Host Supervisors, and Home Supervisors.

Draft NRAP Assignment form (.docx, 29KB)
Host Offices: use this Word document to draft your NRAP Assignment description before you paste the information into the online form for uploading.

Sample Assignments (.docx, 29KB)
This is a collection of NRAP assignment descriptions in several Occupational Categories from previous cycles.

Draft NRAP Application form (.docx, 28KB)
Applicants: use this Word document to draft your Application to NRAP Assignments that interest you.

Host Supervisor Evaluation Form (.docx, 23KB)
This captures an evaluation of a NRAP Participant in terms of work habits, products and outputs, and overall performance during the timeframe of the rotational assignment. It should be forwarded to the Participant's Home Office Supervisor when completed.

Learning Agreement (.docx, 24KB)
This form clarifies what Participants will do while on assignment; how those tasks fit their career goals; how the assignment will benefit the Home Office, the Host Office, and NOAA; and any financial arrangements between the Home and Host Office.