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News Highlights

There's a lot going on at NOAA's National Ocean Service.

a simple graphic that shows a representation of a warm-climate coastal city in the background, with the ocean and a beach in the foreground with umbrellas
Major Update to NOAA's Coastal County Snapshots

A major update to a popular NOAA tool used to inform planning and decision-making in coastal communities is now online. Coastal County Snapshots, available on NOAA's Digital Coast platform, turns complex data into easy-to-understand charts, graphics, and information.

coastal flooding in South Carolina
Winter High Tide Bulletin

There are some factors that cause the tides to be higher than what is "normally" seen from day to day. View our bulletin to see when you may experience higher than normal high tides for the period of time between November 2021 and February 2022.

A rusty radiator and other debris are found at low tide along the Duwamish River in Seattle. Sediments (mud and sand on the river bottom) in and along the river contain a wide range of pollution from years of industrial activity and stormwater runoff. Contaminants include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), mercury and other metals, and phthalates (Credit: EPA).
Over $130 Million to Restore 10 Polluted Waterways Across the Country

In fiscal year 2021, NOAA helped to recover over $130 million to restore 10 polluted waterways after oil spills and industrial pollution.

aerial view of harmful algal bloom on coast of Texas
NOAA Awards $15.2M for Harmful Algal Bloom Research

NOAA is announcing $15.2M in funding for harmful algal bloom (HAB) research projects throughout U.S. coastal and Great Lakes waters.

osprey on the nest
NOAA Proposes Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve

NOAA and Connecticut are soliciting public comments on a proposed Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve located along Long Island Sound.

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  4. Over $130 Million to Restore 10 Polluted Waterways Across the Country
    9 Nov 2021
  5. NOAA Awards $15.2M for Harmful Algal Bloom Research
    27 Oct 2021
  6. NOAA Proposes Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve
    17 Sep 2021
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    21 Sep 2020
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    1 Sep 2020
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