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What's New: October 2010

NOAA Twin Otter aircraft

NOAA Twin Otter Searches for Turtles in the Pacific Northwest

The Ocean Service's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries teamed up with the National Marine Fisheries Service this Fall to survey large swaths of ocean in the Pacific Northwest from the air. The aerial surveys—conducted with NOAA's Twin Otter aircraft—located and gauged the population of leatherback turtles and other important living marine resources within the boundaries and surrounding waters of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. More...

'Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve

NOAA and Wisconsin Officials Designate the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve

A nearly 17,000-acre area of freshwater marshes, uplands, and river on the shores of Lake Superior in Wisconsin has become the 28th member of NOAA's National Estuarine Research Reserve System in a designation ceremony at Superior, Wis., on October 26. More...

'NOAA Team Removes Marine Debris in Hawaii

NOAA Team Removes Marine Debris in Hawaii

On October 13, a news helicopter flying over the island of Oahu in Hawaii spotted what appeared to be derelict fishing gear floating in the ocean just outside of Hanauma Bay. The chance sighting set off a chain of events that ultimately led to the collection of hundreds of pounds of marine debris. More...

NOAA Ship Healy in Arctic

NOS Office of Coast Survey 'Sets Sail' toward a New Era of Arctic Research

It was little more than a century ago that Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen led the first expedition to successfully traverse the Arctic. Today, the NOS Office of Coast Survey is forging into a new era of Arctic research. More...

'Historical Hurricane Tracks' Updated for 2009

'Historical Hurricane Tracks' Updated for 2009

An updated NOAA website lets everyone from reporters to city planners track local historical storm activity, review specific storm tracks and obtain information about a particular storm's landfall. NOAA's Historical Hurricane Tracks website and mapping application generates customized, downloadable maps based on more than 150 years of Atlantic hurricane data. More...