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Weekly News: October 2008

Weekly News

Galveston Causeway and Railroad bridge

New Current Meter Aids Hazardous Passage

A new current meter installed on Oct. 15 will help make the most dangerous passage in the Gulf Coast's Intracoastal Waterway a lot safer. In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, navigation along this stretch of the Intracoastal Highway grew even more difficult. More...

NOS Assistant Administrator John Dunnigan at the launch of EcoZone

NOAA Joins EcoZone Green Schools Initiative

NOAA’s National Ocean Service recently joined the EcoZone® Green Schools Initiative, a public-private environmental outreach and education effort sponsored by EcoMedia and the CBS Corporation. The Initiative kicks off with a competition for a 'green makeover' worth more than $100,000 for schools in three cities. More...

Loggerhead Turtle

Using Sonar to Track Sea Turtles

National Ocean Service (NOS) researchers began testing the use of sonar to investigate sea turtle abundance and habitats in coastal waters near Cape Lookout, North Carolina, this October. This novel use of acoustic technology may lead to new ways to protect threatened and endangered species. More...

Coral Reef Watch global picture

Monitoring Reef Health from Space

NOAA's Coral Reef Watch bleaching monitoring network recently expanded from 24 to 190 'virtual stations.' Nearly 200 sites around the world are now continually monitored from space to notify coral reef managers, scientists, and other interested parties when ocean conditions are ripe for coral bleaching. More ...