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What's New: March 2010

NSTA conference

NOAA Makes a Splash at National Science Teachers Association Conference

From March 18-21, NOAA staff participated in the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) conference in Philadelphia, Penn. The event is the largest annual gathering of science teachers in the nation. At the event, NOAA staff distributed nearly 10,000 pounds of educational materials ranging from DVDs, to posters, to books. NOAA scientists and education specialists also delivered a series of talks at the conference to present the latest findings about the impacts of climate change, and to provide ideas and resources that translate climate science to the classroom. More...

underwater map

2010 Caribbean Research Cruise Underway

For the seventh year in a row, NOAA researchers are exploring underwater realms of the U.S. Caribbean aboard the NOAA ship Nancy Foster. Many of the areas visited during this expedition have never before been studied or mapped. The data collected during the cruise will be used to paint a clearer picture of the U.S. Virgin Islands underwater habitats and the marine life they support. More...

hf radar

Caribbean Surface Current Data Now Available to Rescuers, Hazmat Crews

Knowing the speed and direction of currents is critical in determining the probable path of people lost at sea or the direction that contaminants spilled into water may take. A new NOAA data feed makes this information available for the western Puerto Rican coast on a single Web site. More...

Bleached coral

First Florida Cold-water Bleaching Event in 30 Years

NOAA and partners from 12 organizations surveyed sites in the Florida Keys to determine the extent of coral bleaching, and death, in the wake of record low-water temperatures. More...